Ly Lan Chapiron

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Ly Lan Chapiron is the daughter of French actress and model Ludivine Sagnier. She was born in 2009.

Famous Family

Ly Lan has famous parents. Her father is the French film director, screenwriter, and musician born on 4th July 1980 in Paris, France.

Ly's mother is also one of the popular French actresses and models. Her name is Ludivine Sagnier. She was born on 3rd July 1979

Ly's grandmother from her father's side is of Vietnamese origin. Her grandfather's name is Kiki Picasso, who was born in 1956

He is a famous graphic designer. He has also written a book called Engin explosives improvise, which is originally in French.

Ly's grandmother from her mother's side is a retired secretary. Her grandfather is a professor of English at Paris University

Ly has two siblings; Tam Chapiron and Bonnie DuvauchelleTam was born in 2014

She is 6 years old. Her other sister's name is Bonnie Duvauchelle, who was born in 2005. She is from a different father.

Mother's Career

Ludivine first started acting when she was just a nine-year-old kid. She debuted from the French movie Les Maris, Les femmes, Les Amants in 1989.  

She also had other minor roles in the early 1990s. She took a break from the cinema for some time to focus on her music. 

Her return to cinema gained her commercial and critical success. 

After that, she started acting in many series, and movies such as I Want To Go Home, Le Pont du Silence, Le Famille Fontaine, Children Of The Century, Recess, Water Drops On Burning Drops, and many more.  

She won an award for her acting in the movie Eight Women

Ly Lan Chapiron parents Ludivine Sagnier and Kim Chapiron.
Ly Lan Chapiron parents Ludivine Sagnier and Kim Chapiron. Source: Facebook

Father's Career

Ly's father, Kim Chapiron, has directed multiple movies. More than twenty short films have been made under his direction, including action and comedy. 

He has been nominated and awarded prestigious awards. His movie Sheitan won the closing screening of Midnight Madness at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival.  

His film was also selected at various festivals, including the Festival International Du Film Fantastique De Gerardmer, the Melbourne International Festival, and the Tribeca film festival.  

Throwback picture of Ly Lan Chapiron with parents Ludivine Sagnier and Kim Chapiron.
Throwback picture of Ly Lan Chapiron with parents Ludivine Sagnier and Kim Chapiron. Source:

Divorce of parents

Ly's parents are not together anymore. They got separated. The reason for their separation has not been disclosed. 

Their personal lives are not revealed in the media. However, Ludivine is in a relationship with a different man. 

She is in a relationship with Nicolas Duvauchelle, and they have a daughter together named Bonnie Duvauchelle, fifteen years old. 

Net Worth and Earnings

Ly Lan Chapiron is a twelve years old kid, and she is too small to work. She is dependent on her mother and father for financial support. 

Her father, who is a famous filmmaker, has a total net worth of three million dollars. 

Her mother, who was also a renowned child actor and now a renowned movie personality's net worth are structured below:

Net WorthIncome Sources
3 million dollarsActor, producer, musician, model

Age, height, weight

  1. Ly Lan Chapiron's current age is twelve years old.
  2. Her height is 4 feet 11 inches.
  3. Her weight is 40 kilograms
  4. She goes to school and study in seven grade.
  5. Her nationality is French.
  6. Her hobby is singing songs.
  7. She does not have social media account yet.

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