Who Is Lyric Kai Kilpatrick? Daughter Of Kyla Pratt

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Who Is Lyric Kai Kilpatrick? Daughter Of Kyla Pratt

Lyric Kai Kilpatrick is the eldest daughter of American actress Kyla Pratt. Her father's name is Danny Kilpatrick.

Lyric has a younger sister named Liyah Kilpatrick. 

She is an American citizen. 

Lyric Kai Kilpatrick with her father Danny Kilpatrick and sister Liyah Kilpatrick.
Lyric Kai Kilpatrick with her father Danny Kilpatrick and sister Liyah Kilpatrick. Source: Instagram

Parent's Relationship

Kyla is in a relationship with Danny Kilpatrick, a tattoo artist, and songwriter

They started dating sometime back in 2005. They are not married yet, but in 2011 they got engaged to each other. 

Lyric Kai Kilpatrick's parents Kyla Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick.
Lyric Kai Kilpatrick's parents, Kyla Pratt and Danny Kilpatrick. Source: Pinterest

Kyla has two daughters with her partner Danny. She gave birth to her first daughter Lyric Kilpatrick in 2010. 

After three years of her first daughter's birth, she and her partner welcomed their second daughter in 2013.

About Mother Kyla 

Kyla is an American actress born on September 16, 1986. Her full name is Kyla Alissa Pratt

She was born to her parents, Kecia Pratt-McCullar and Johnny McCullar and was raised by them in Los Angeles, California

She grew up with four younger siblings as she was the oldest among the four. 

Kyla started her acting career by playing small roles in commercials. She is well known for her role play in the movie Dr. Dolittle as Maya Dolittle

She has shown her appearance in many movies and TV shows. 

Besides her acting career, she is also a singer and has sung many songs. She has a great acting and singing career. 

Lyric Kai Kilpatrick's mom Kyla Pratt.
Lyric Kai Kilpatrick's mom Kyla Pratt. Source: Instagram


She is currently 11 years old and celebrates her birthday on November 17.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Kyla is $4 Million. Her source of income is an actress.

Having A Baby Is Challenging

Kyla gave an interview to the "DJ Vlad," where she talked about being a mother and its struggles. 

She gave that interview just after her second baby's birth. 

In the interview, she revealed that being a mother is very challenging. 

After the birth of her first baby, she had put on all her effort and focus on raising her, and now her second daughter's arrival has made her do the same thing again. 

Every woman who has given birth to a child knows the struggles of raising a baby, whether one or two. 

She tries her best to give attention to both of her babies so that one doesn't feel left out. 

She tries to be energetic in front of her babies, no matter how tired she is. 

She said that her first daughter loves her baby sister and tries her best to help Kyla look after the new baby. 

Her eldest daughter helps feed the new baby, and Kyla feels happy about that. 

Secret Pregnancy 

Kyla is a well-known actress in Hollywood. We all know that it's really difficult to hide personal stuff when someone is in the spotlight. 

However, Kyla is one of the actresses who hid her pregnancy from everyone out there. 

She opened up in the interview, saying that she wanted her to enjoy her pregnancy time by chilling with herself and dealing with her hormones. 

She had no problems coming out in public with her baby bump, but she wanted to enjoy the pregnancy process full. 

She said she did lots of photoshoots with her baby bump during her pregnancy and had a great ceremony during her baby shower. 

During her pregnancy phase, she didn't want to be on the Red carpet. Instead, she wanted to live that period and have fun.

Hatred For Her Voice

Kyla is a known name in the entertainment industry. Besides as an actress, Kyla is also a singer. 

She voice-covered songs and also did voice acting in Disney Channel shows. Kyla revealed that as a teenager, she hated her voice. 

She has a very distinctive voice, and because of that, she has been very insecure about that. 

But she came up with her voice insecurity after she did voice acting in Penny Proud, which many people liked. 

But later, she realized that some things we don't like about ourselves could be loved and appreciated by others. 

That is how she came out of her voice struggles, and now she loves her voice.

Lyric Kai Kilpatrick with her mom Kyla Pratt and sister.
Lyric Kai Kilpatrick with her mom Kyla Pratt and sister. Source: Instagram

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