Who Is M Dolores Garcia Alcover? Mother Of Ferran Torres

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Who Is  M Dolores Garcia Alcover? Mother Of Ferran Torres

M Dolores Gracia Alcover is the mother of professional Spanish football player Ferran Torres. 

Her husband’s name is not revealed yet. She has three children, two sons, including Ferran and a daughter, Arantxa Torres. She is a Spanish citizen. 

M Dolores Garcia Alcover's husband and son, Ferran Torres.
M Dolores Garcia Alcover's husband and son, Ferran Torres. Source: Instagram

About Gracia's Son Ferran 

Gracia's son Ferran was born in the year 2000 in Foios, Spain. 

He currently plays as a forward for Barcelona FC and Spain's national team. 

M Dolores Garcia Alcover with her son, Ferran Torres.
M Dolores Garcia Alcover with her son, Ferran Torres. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status of Ferran

Ferran is not married yet, but he has a girlfriend. Ferran is currently dating Sira Martinez. 

They both started dating each other in 2021. Ferran opened up about his relationship with Sira after the 2020 Euro Cup. 

Although they had started dating before, he wanted to keep it private. They often post pictures of them together and seem happy. 

Ferran Torres with his girlfriend, Sira Martinez.
Ferran Torres with his girlfriend, Sira Martinez. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Gracia's age and net worth are unknown, but her son Ferran is currently 22

His net worth is 10.5 Million Euros.

Children of M Dolores Garcia Alcover.
Children of M Dolores Garcia Alcover. Source: Instagram

Ferran Brought Financial Crisis To The Team

Ferran moved to Barcelona from Manchester City in 2022, and his career in Barcelona has been an incredible journey. 

But with his transfer to the club, the club has faced a great financial crisis. 

He was traded in the club for a total of £48.4 Million, which is a great number of money. 

But his club Barcelona was already lacking money due to the ongoing financial crisis in the team. 

His trade was also made as a loan as they didn’t pay the City’s club full money. 

Barcelona was so much in crisis that they only paid the club £2.6 million for the moment. 

Ferran might have come in handy to the club, but he is still a player that has not been bought completely.

Ferran Was Trolled Because Of His Shirt

Ferran and his team went against Napoli, where Ferran was one of the goal scorers for his team that led the match to a tie. 

But still, he was trolled and ended up crying after the match. 

Ferran’s jersey didn’t have the Nike or club logo while playing. 

It was not a big thing, but everyone noticed that change. All his teammates had the logos on their jerseys except him. 

So people started to troll him, saying he was given a duplicate jersey or Barcelona didn’t have money to buy a new one for the attacker. 

Even after the match, the attacker cried in the stadium, although he scored a goal. 

He cried because he was disappointed in himself. He had a hand full of opportunities to score but could only score one goal, so he really felt bad about it.

Ferran Is Deeply Connected To His Sister

Ferran and his sister are very close to each other. From their childhood, they have always been together in ups and downs. 

There is nothing that they don’t know about each other. Ultimately, they are connected and want their relationship to stay the same in the future.

Ferran also shared that he and his sister have the same tattoo they made together. 

It reminded them how close they were to each other and how much they were connected. 

No matter what situation they are in, they believe that nothing should bring their relationship down. 

So they made the same tattoo.

Ferran Is The Only One Of His Kind In La Liga

Ferran was born in the year 2000, and he had played for the La Liga club since the age of six

Surprisingly, he holds the record of the only one in entire Spain to be born in the country and play for La Liga was born in the year 2000.

No other players are there in the league that were born in 2000 in Spain and played in the league. 

Unfortunately, he couldn’t become the first player to score in the league who was born that year as Vinicius Jr. of Real Madrid already takes the title. 

But he did become the second person to do so.

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