Who Is Maceo William? Son Of Jesse Williams

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Who Is Maceo William? Son Of Jesse Williams

Maceo Williams is a celebrity son. He is known because of his father, Jesse Williams

Jesse is an American actor, director, producer, and activist. Maceo was born in 2015. 

His birthday falls in October. His mother's name is Aryn Drake-lee. 

She used to work for real estate agencies

Maceo also has an elder sister. His sister's name is Sadie Willams.

Both of them grew together with their mother after their parents divorced.

His grandparents are Johanna Chase and Reginald Williams.

Maceo Willam with his father, Jesse Williams and his elder sister, Sadie Williams.
Maceo Willam with his father, Jesse Williams and his elder sister, Sadie Williams. Source: Pinterest

Before Maceo's Birth

Maceo's father, Jesse and his mother, Aryn Drake-Lee, were in love. 

They started dating casually in 2007. After a long period of time being in a relationship, the ex-couple decided to get married. 

After being in a relationship for more than five years, they tied the knot on September 1st, 2012.

After a year of marriage, Aryn got pregnant with Jesse's daughter. 

In 2013 around December, the couple welcomed their first baby, Sadie

After this little angel, they welcomed Maceo after two years. He was born around October 2015.

Maceo Willams's Father, Jesse Williams, with Maceo's Mother, Aryn Drake-Lee.
Maceo Willams's Father, Jesse Williams, with Maceo's Mother, Aryn Drake-Lee. Source: Pinterest

Parent's Divorce After Maceo's Birth

When Maceo was born, everyone in his family was very happy. 

They were always excited to welcome this little kid. 

But after, 18 months after his birth, his parents filed for their divorce. 

Around April 2017, the ex-husband and ex-wife decided to live separately. 

After separating their ways, Maceo with his sister Sadie started living with their mom Aryn.

After some time of declaring their split, Aryn did not allow Jesse to visit the children, due to which the couple started quarreling over custody of the children. 

Aryn revealed to the court that Jesse always has a busy and unpredictable work schedule, due to which he never took care of his kids correctly. 

Aryn even added by saying that Jesse could never take care of kids without her or their nanny's help. 

After all these words of Aryn, Jesse denied things and said he has always been trying hard to maintain his relationship with his children.

Maceo Willams's Father, Jesse Williams.
Maceo Willams's Father, Jesse Williams. Source: Pinterest


Maceo is seven years old now. His father, Jesse, is 40 years old now. 

Net Worth

Maceo is a kid with no income, but his father, Jesse, has a net worth of 12 million dollars. 

He earns this amount by being involved in acting, producing, and also directing.

Jesse Requested To Lower The Children's Support Payment

After completing his work in Grey's Anatomy, Jesse did not have the huge income he used to have. 

Due to having less income of $1668 per week which is a huge difference from what he used to earn, he requested to reduce the amount of support.

The support amount was huge at $40,000 monthly, which was a bit difficult to provide. 

After the legal process, it was said that Jesse makes very less than he used to make during his appearance in the Broadway play Take Me Out.

After his request, the court decided that Jesse no longer had to pay the huge amount of 40 thousand dollars. 

Around April 2022, the court reduced the support amount from 40 thousand dollars to 6,613 dollars.

The court also decided that Jesse had to pay half the amount on the first day of the month, and the other half had to pay after 15 days.

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