Maddox Laurel Boss- Tragedy Of Stephen Boss Son

by Manisha Tue Dec 20 2022 Updated On Fri Jan 05 2024
Maddox Laurel Boss- Tragedy Of Stephen Boss Son

Maddox Laurel Boss is the son of dancer, choreographer, actor, producer, and TV personality late Stephen "tWitch" Boss. His mom is Allison Holker.

Maddox was born in 2016. 

He has an older half-sister and a younger sister. 

Like his father, Maddox also loves to dance and listen to hip-hop music. He has got those genes from his father.

Family of Maddox Laurel Boss.
Family of Maddox Laurel Boss. Source: Instagram

Father Died From A Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

tWitch died at the age of 40 on December 13, 2022. It was a suicide case. His body was found in a motel which was near his home. 

On 12 December, he checked into a motel named Oak Tree Inn in California. 

When he didn't check out from the motel, his management agent and housekeeping staff knocked on his door; when they opened the door, they found him dead inside, and they called the police. 

His wife also confirmed his death and said that he was a man who valued his family, friends, and community. 

When the news of his death was broadcast, there was news that he had been struggling financially, but an ET source confirmed that the news was false and baseless. 

According to reports, he had left a suicide note in the motel room where he was found dead. 

tWitch And Allison Were Match Made In Heaven

tWitch and Allison started dating each other in 2010. They were on a reality show named So You Think You Can Dance. 

They knew each other way before 2010, as both of them had been on the show since the second season, but it took them a long time to romance each other. 

Parents of Maddox Laurel Boss.
Parents of Maddox Laurel Boss. Source: Instagram

Allison said that she was the one who made the first move. She said she had made several moves, but he had ignored most of them. 

Finally, the couple got together while wrapping up the show's seventh season. 

Despite being an interracial couple, it never bothered them, and they tied the knot in 2022.

The couple is a proud parent of their two beautiful kids. Stephen has a daughter from his ex-partner. 

Two days before the tragic death of tWitch, Allison posted beautiful pictures of their wedding day and a dance video of them dancing to a Christmas song. 


Maddox is six years old.

Net Worth

He doesn’t have a net worth; however, his father had a net worth of $5 million.

Lesser Known Facts About Twitch

tWitch joined Ellen De Generes as a DJ after his long career as a professional dancer and choreographer

He has also appeared in some of the movies. Michela Jackson was his idol. He used to practice dance moves of him. He was born in Alabama.

He decided to move to LA to seek better opportunities. He got the nickname tWitch when he was a kid. 

He got that name because he never used to sit still and was constantly moving and twitching. 

He used his nickname as his stage name when he turned 20. From then on, everyone knew him as a tWitch. 

He was very popular on TikTok as he used to post lots of dancing videos there. He has more than 3 million followers on TikTok. 

He said that working on Ellen DeGeneres had made him a better person. His birthday was on September 29

Maddox Laurel Boss with his mom and siblings.
Maddox Laurel Boss with his mom and siblings. Source: Instagram

Twitch And Her Wife Missed Having A Newborn In Their House

The couple welcomed their second child in 2019. She is three years old now. In an interview, Allison said that she missed those days. 

She said that they would love to start trying for another baby. tWitch also added he loves babies and he would love to be a father again. 

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