Who Is Madelyn Deutch? Sister Of Ariana DeBose

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Who Is Madelyn Deutch? Sister Of Ariana DeBose

Madelyn Deutch is the sister of American actress, dancer, and singer Ariana DeBose.

Her mother's name is Gina DeBose. She is an American citizen.

Madelyn Deutch with her mom and sister.
Madelyn Deutch with her mom and sister. Source: Instagram

About Madelyn's Sister Ariana 

Ariana is an actress, dancer, and singer well known for her portrayal as Anita in Westside Story. 

She has role-played in many movies and has released many songs of her own. 

She was born to a Puerto Rican dad and a white mom in Wilmington, North Carolina

She grew up with her sister Madelyn in her hometown. 

Married Life Of Ariana

Ariana is not married yet. She is a queer woman by her sexuality, and currently, she is dating a woman named Sue Makkoo

Ariana with her partner Sue.
Ariana with her partner Sue. Source: Instagram

Ariana met her for the first in a musical show where she was assigned to sing, and Sue was appointed as a costume associate. That was back in 2017

After getting along and knowing each other, they started dating.

Previously, Ariana was in a relationship with Jill Johnson. Ariana met Jill in 2013, and they became friends, and by the year 2014, they started dating. 

Their relationship didn’t last long, as they broke up. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her sister Ariana is 32 years old. She has a net worth of $4 Million. 

Madelyn Deutch's mother and sister.
Madelyn Deutch's mother and sister. Source: Instagram

Ariana Got Judged For Her Performance

Ariana’s portrayal of Anita in West Side Story made many people adore her. 

For her role in that show, she won BAFTA Award in 2022, and this year 2023, she appeared in the show Award as a performer. 

Unfortunately, her performance was not liked by many of her fans. Her 2023 performance made her a new controversial topic on the internet. 

She performed a rap song at the award function, and in that rap song, she shouted out the names of all the nominated actors present in the award ceremony.

She shared a glimpse of her from the ceremony on her Instagram and was pleased. 

But the viewers of the award ceremony felt cringed by her performance and started criticizing Ariana all over Twitter.

She got her Twitter account deleted because of the mean and judgmental comments she received from the people.

Ariana On Getting Her Role On West Side Story

Ariana gave an interview on Jimmy Fallon's talk show, where she opened up about the audition and received a call to play Anita. 

She was preparing for the Donna Summer musical event, and one evening, she got a call from Cindy Tolen, who asked her to come to Brooklyn for a meet-up for the role. 

She asked her if she could only dance and sing, and Cindy said okay. 

The next day when he got inside the room, she saw lead actors Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner sitting there. 

Steven asked her to dance and sing, so she did.

The next question Steven asked was if she could read her character, which she denied. 

She was not prepared, so she said but told me that she would love to be back and give audition for the role. 

A few days later, she received a call from Steven, who asked her to be his Anita. She then went on set and started filming.

Ariana’s Dance Made People Cry

Ariana started her career in the entertainment industry as a dancer. 

She started dancing first, then got involved in singing and acting. 

According to Ariana, dancing made her realize the power of the arts. 

She started dancing when she was tiny. When she was little, she just used to bump into any music. 

She started dancing when she didn’t even know what dancing meant. 

She always loved to dance, but at 11, she knew that dancing would be something she would do in the future. 

She was a competitive dancer who had always participated in local and regional competitions. 

She recalled the memory of when she danced in a local competition, and her dance made audiences cry. 

That was when she knew how dance moves could be used to tell people stories. 

She realized art's power and capability and could easily get attached to people’s emotions.

Ariana Felt Ashamed To Dance

Ariana is queer by her sexual orientation. For a long time, she struggled to figure out her sexuality, but in 2015, she came out publicly as a queer. 

Ariana shared her story of when she was in a struggle to figure out her sexuality. 

She went to the prom night with her male friend Jonathan, and she didn’t know what her feelings and sexual orientation were about. 

She had a crush on a girl, and that girl asked her to dance at the prom. 

She got excited, and her male friend pushed her to dance with her crush. 

They started dancing at the prom, but strangely, people looked at them. 

They stared at Ariana and her crush so abnormally that her cheeks turned red. 

Ariana felt ashamed of dancing with her, and she left her crush. That was the first time Ariana encountered how people see queers in society. 

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