Who Is Madonna Louise Fortin? Mother Of Madonna

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Who Is Madonna Louise Fortin? Mother Of Madonna

Madonna Louise Fortin is the beloved mother of Madonna

She was married to Silvio Ciccone and was mother of six children. Her children are Tony, Marty, Madonna, Paula, Christopher, and Melanie.

She died on 1 December 1963 due to cancer. Later her husband married their children's nanny, Joan.

Her grandkids from her daughter Madonna are Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy, and twins Estere and Stella.

Madonna Louise Fortin's husband and their daughter.
Madonna Louise Fortin's husband and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Daughter's Love Life

Madonna is a powerful woman. Though her previous relationship didn't work, she didn't let her career get affected by it. 

She made sure that she would stand bravely even after two broken marriages. She came across her first husband, Sean Penn, many years ago. 

The ex-couple met on the set of Mandonna's Material Girl music video. 

They started dating shortly after knowing each other, and in six months, they decided on forever. 

They tied the knot and exchanged vows in 1985. But after four years, they separated ways.

Madonna Louise Fortin's daughter Madonna.
Madonna Louise Fortin's daughter Madonna. Source: Instagram

Love Life After Her Divorce

After she separated from her ex-husband Sean, she dated rapper Vanilla Ice in 1891

According to the source, they were in a relationship for nine months. 

After their separation, she dated Dennis Rodman for a few months in 1994.

Though their relations were not made public, their sources confirmed their togetherness. 

For almost three years, she also dated Carlos Leon, Like a Virgin" artist

After separating from Carlos, she was sad thinking about her broken relationship. 

After a few years, she met Guy Ritchie, with whom she was inseparable for some years. 

The pair started dating in 1996 and were together for more than a decade. 

They also had decided on forever and tied the knot in December 2000. 

The couple, after eight years of marriage, separated ways in 2008

Even after her second marriage, she hasn't left her hope in searching for the right one for her. 

Currently, she is dating Josh Popper, a 29-year-old former NFL athlete. She shared photos with him recently, on March 2023.

Does She Have Any Kids?

Yes, she has three kids. She welcomed her first daughter in 1996

The father of her first daughter is her ex-boyfriend Carlos Leon whom she dated for three years. 

After a few years, she welcomed her second baby who is her first baby boy Rocco in the year 2000 before getting married to his father, Guy

The pair also adopted their second kid in 2006. His name is David.

Age And Net Worth

Madonna Louise died at a very young age. 

Her daughter has a net worth of 850 million dollars. Her primary source of income is singing. 

She is one of the best-selling musical artists. Besides that she is a person who loves to explore. 

Due to her same behavior, she has successfully become a multi-talented artist as she is also a Film Producer, Actor, Dancer, Film director, Author, Entrepreneur, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Screenwriter, and Record producer.

Family of Madonna Louise Fortin.
Family of Madonna Louise Fortin. Source: Pinterest

Madonna Would Host Jimmy's Show

In a fun time talking with Jimmy in "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" when Jimmy asked Madonna if she would host the show if he were sick. 

She answered quickly and said she would love to host even if he were not sick. 

She also laughed and advised Jimmy to take a break from the show for a week so that she could host it. 

She added that they could have more fun in the show without Jimmy

She also added that Jimmy was like a dad. They could have fun without him. Everything was just a fun conversation where she was joking around him. 

Afterward, in the same interview, Jimmy asked when she was ready to host the show seeing how humorous she is. 

It was an entertaining interview where people could see the humourous side of Madonna.

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