Who Is Magdalena Marciniak? Wife Of Szymon Marciniak

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Magdelena Marciniak is the wife of Polish professional football referee Szymon Marciniak.

Marriage And Children

Szymon is currently married to his wife, Magdelena Marciniak.

Szymon hasn't talked much about his married life, so it's unknown when and how the couple met and tied the knot.

About Magdelena's Husband Szymon  

Szymon is a Polish professional referee. He became prominent after being appointed to referee the final match between France and Argentina in FIFA World Cup 2022.

His parents raised him with his brother Tomasz Marciniak. He was born in Plock, Poland, which makes him a Polish citizen by his nationality. 

Magdalena Marciniak's husband, Szymon Marciniak.
Magdalena Marciniak's husband, Szymon Marciniak. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her husband, Szymon, is 41 years old

The net worth of Szymon is estimated to be $1 - $5 Million. His source of income comes from being a referee. 

Szymon Was Once An Aggressive Player

Szymon was a player in Poland before he became a referee. 

He revealed that he used to play as a midfielder in his home club. From what he has described, he was one of the most aggressive players. 

He revealed that he used to get in trouble with the referee while playing. 

He always used to have anger issues, and the referee hated to argue with him in every match. 

But he did took care of his anger issues in his way. He said that he used to listen to calm music before every match, and it used to reduce his anger. 

The Joke Became A Reality 

Szymon was getting into refereeing back in his initial days. He was refereeing small matches, and during that time, he joked about being the main referee in the World Cup finals. 

He might not have thought that his joke would be a reality. But he is assigned as the main referee in the 2022 World Cup finals, where Argentina will play against France

Szymon had already hosted two matches in the World Cup 2022. He refereed the game between Argentina vs. Australia and France vs. Denmark

His potential was judged in the match, and as a result, he is now assigned as the main referee of the biggest match in the World, the World Cup 2022 final.

Szymon Was The Perfect Referee For The Finals

Szymon has been announced as the main referee for the World Cup 2022 finals in Qatar, where France will face Argentina

But even before the announcement, it was sure that Szymon would be the match's main referee. 

It was because of the analysis of the referees in the World Cup. There were some Brazilian and other countries' referees, but their countries were rivals with the countries in the finals, so they were not eligible. 

Also, the capable referees for the finals had already refereed in the semi-finals, so they were sure not to be seen in the finals. 

Other referees were not as experienced as Szymon. Hence he was the only obvious referee for the finals of the World Cup 2022.

Szymon Was Questioned

Szymon has a comparatively low rate of card show in any matches, and he is known to be somehow soft in many matches. 

But when necessary, he can be harsh and provide a number of yellows and reds too. 

He has a history of providing a red card in an important World Cup match. 

But he had never been involved in any controversy until the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Chelsea

The Chelsea player was reported to have scored by handball, so the goal was canceled. 

This made the blue fans shout and scream, but the team manager even questioned his decision. But he was right about it, and the decision didn’t change.

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