Maggie Johnson

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Maggie Johnson

Maggie Johnson is the ex-wife of American actor, film producer and composer Clint Eastwood

She has two children with Clint. Maggie, herself, is a former model by her profession. 

She is currently living in California, USA. She is an American. Her mother was a music teacher.

Maggie's ex-husband
Maggie's ex-husband   Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Clint Eastwood

Clint was in a relationship with Maggie Johnson previously. He met Maggie on a blind date. 

They got married in 1953. They have two children together. Clint was married to Maggie for more than three decades

They ended their married life in 1984. As he was a famous actor, he dated many actresses.

After ending his first marriage, he got into a relationship with Dina Ruiz. She was a news anchor. He married her in the year 1996

They have a daughter together. They stayed as a married couple for 17 years. 

They got divorced in 2013. As of 2021, he is in a relationship with Christina Sandra.

Clint with his girlfriend
Clint with his girlfriend  Source: Instagram 

About Clint Eastwood 

Clint's full name is Clinton Eastwood Jr. He is an American actor, film producer and composer born on May 31, 1930

He was born and raised by his parents in San Francisco, California. He is well known for he role in American Sniper.

He is a very talented actor and has shown his appearance in many movies. 

He gave his whole life to his acting career and earned a lot of success. He has also won many awards for his movies.


Maggie was born in 1931, and her current age is 90 years old. 

Net worth 

The net worth of Clint is $375 Million. His source of income comes as being an actor, producer and composer

The average income of an actor is $40,860 per year. 

Maggie Johnson Left Her Husband Due To Disloyalty

Maggie was one of the famous actress and model of her time. 

She had done a lot of movies and TV series in her career. She is also well known to be the ex-wife of famous actor Clint

Clint was a young and handsome man who was a dream of many. But Maggie left him due to his disloyalty. 

Clint had many extramarital affairs with many celebrities and other women. 

Not only was he found dating and spending time with other women, he even had children with some of them. 

Maggie didn't want to be with that kind of guy who could not be honest and stay loyal. Hence, she got divorced from him.

Clint Eastwood Was In An Air-Crash

Clint is undoubtedly a Hollywood legend. He has provided a lot of blockbuster movies in his career. 

He has done many action movies and scenes that seemed too dangerous. 

Little did he know, he became part of one of the scary scenes in his real life that he could never forget. 

He was on a plane with 155 passengers including him. The plane was in the air when a bird hit the plane and destroyed its engines. 

The plane was not supposed to fly anymore. Hence the pilots decided to have an emergency landing. 

There were no runways near them; hence they landed in the Hudson River. It was a terrifying air-crash

Eastwood, along with all the passengers and crew members, survived with no injuries. Pilots were awarded for their bravery.

Clint Eastwood Had The Worst Injury In His Life

Clint is often known for his classic stunt-based action movies. 

He is seen as a tough character in the movie and often does his own stunt, so it was obvious for him to get minor injuries. 

He was doing a western movie when he got into an accident. 

He finished the final shoot for the movie and was riding a horse in an ice field. 

The horse couldn't balance itself in ice and hence fell. Eastwood was thrown away by the horse and he landed up badly into a rock. 

He dislocated his shoulder. He had no one with him, so he had to drive himself to the hospital, and it was an hour ride. It was a very painful moment for him.

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