Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler

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Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler

Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler is the son of famous American actress Kristy Swanson. His father's name is Lloyd Eisler

He is the only son of his parents. He has a half-brother named Ethan Harley. He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Magnus with his mom
Magnus with his mom  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Kristy Swanson 

Kristy was in a relationship with Alan Thicke back in 1989. They both dated for two years and later ended their relationship. 

After that, she dated David Spade. They started dating in 1996, and a year later, they ended their relationship. 

Kristy then dated Eric Niess. They were together in 2002 and dated for a very short time. 

After that, Kristy had a love affair with Lloyd Eisler. They started dating in 2005

After dating each other for two years, the couple got married. They have a son together. As of 2021, they are still together. 

They have already completed 15 years of married life together. They are happily living with their son and sharing good moments.

Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler with his parents
Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler with his parents   Source: Instagram 

About Kristy Swanson 

Kristy's full name is Kristen Noel Swanson is an American actress born on December 19, 1969

Her parents raised her in Mission Viejo, California. 

She was very young when she showed her interest in acting and later pursued that career. 

She is well known for role play in "The Phantom."  She showed her first-ever appearance in Pretty In Pink.

Some of her movies played by her are The Program, The Chase and Big Dad. She is a very talented and independent actress. 

Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler with his father
Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler with his father   Source: Instagram 


He was born in February 2007, and his current age is 14 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Kristy is $5 Million. Her source of income is acting.

The yearly income of an actress is $218,000 per year. 

Kristy Swanson Rushed To The Hospital

On November 1, 2021, the ambulance rushed Kristy to the hospital. She had suffered from the symptoms of COVID and pneumonia. 

She was at her final diagnosis of COVID when she suddenly felt uneasy. She was then hospitalized and was given oxygen. 

She went through all the COVID-related treatment. She then informed about her condition to her fans through her Twitter. 

She expressed that she was treated by a well-mannered, experienced and great team. 

Her fans and friends sent her well wishes and prayers through social media. 

She seems to be all right now and is gaining her strength back.

Kristy Swanson Trolled For Supporting Trump

Back then, during pandemic days, people were up again ex-president Trump

People wanted the fall of Trump's government, but Kristy seems to feel something else. 

Kristy seemed to like Trump's government and spoke on its support. 

She said that Trump's government must continue, and for this, she also told to start a movement called My President

She asked her followers to follow Trump too. But she was dragged into the matter again and again. Many people trolled her. 

Not only that but she was even threatened to be killed.

Kristy Was A Diva At Her Time

Kristy might be aged now, but she was all in the audience's mind in her initial days in the career. 

She played many bold movies and made people fan her with her hotness. 

She played many roles like the girl next door, and people loved her boldness. She even did a nude photoshoot in 2002

She might not look like it now, but she was what every youngster asked for back in her young days.

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