Malachy Murphy- Adorable Son Of Cillian Murphy

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Malachy Murphy- Adorable Son Of Cillian Murphy

Malachy Murphy is the son of famous Irish actor Cillian Murphy. His mother’s name is Yvonne McGuinness

Malachy was born on December 4, 2005. Malachy has a younger brother named Aran Murphy

Malachy is an Irish citizen by his nationality.

Malachy with his parents and younger brother
Malachy with his parents and younger brother  Source: Instagram 

Parent's First Met And Relationship 

Cillian is currently married to Yvonne McGuiness. He met Yvonne in 1996.

Cillian was performing with his band at the music festival at that time. 

The music festival was going on in London, and at the same place, the couple met for the first time

Then they started dating and slowly fell in love with each other. 

They decided to get married, and in 2004 they took their wedding vows in France

They did their marriage function in a very simple way and conducted in Provence. 

After one year of marriage, Cillian’s wife gave birth to their first child and named it Malachy Murphy

Later in 2007, the couple gave birth to their second child and named him Aran. Cillian and his family are happily living together. 

Cillian has completed 17 years of married life with his wife and still counting more. 

Cillian with his wife
Cillian with his wife  Source: Instagram

About Cillian Murphy

Cillian is a famous Irish actor born on 25 May 1976. He is the son of Brendan Murphy

His parents raised him with his brothers and sisters. At the very young age of 10, Cillian started composing songs. 

While he was in school, he used to participate in dramas. 

He became a band member as he was so much into music when he was a teen. Later, he also developed an interest in acting. 

He worked in theater and started showing off in movies too. His best movies are Disco Pigs, Red Eye, Sunshine, and Dunkirk.

He is well known for his role in the famous series Peaky Blinders. His performance made him win many awards. 

He is the 12th position holder among the best Irish actors. He is married to Yvonne McGuinness and has two children with her.

Cillian Murphy Stands For Women

Murphy has always stood for the sake of women and supported them fully from his side. 

Although being a man, he thinks that proper treatment of women is necessary to build up society and country. 

He spoke about women’s rights and came to the street to support for women in May 2018

He became the one helping hand for the women’s movement to tighten the law made for abortion. 

That resulted in a successful movement and helped in changing the law. 

Murphy thinks that women should be supported. Hence, he took the side of the woman who was the victim of the director Luc Besson

Many women accused the director of harassment, but he denied all the charges. 

Although Cillian was working in the same series directed by Basson, he still supported the woman who opened up about her sexual harassment case through #metoomovement.

Embarrassed To Approach To Director 

Cillian Murphy gave an interview with "The Quint". In that interview, he talked about his movie Quiet Place Part 2 and opened up about working with a deaf girl. 

The interview started by talking about his movie A Quiet Place.

He opened up that he was not part of A Quiet Place part one and he said that he went to watch the first part in the theatre and was so amazed by the movie that he wanted to be part of that. 

So he went home and thought of mailing to John Krasinski and he composed the email saying that he liked the movie. 

But he didn't have the guts to send that email to John as he felt embarrassed. 

Luckily a year later John approached to him and he received the mail from John

When he got that mail from John he was shocked and but was happy that he didn't mail him at first. 

Cillian then talked about the director John saying that he is very different than other directors. 

John is not only good at directing but he is also good at acting too. 

Cillian told that the director has good communication skills and he talks very nicely with actors and he finds him phenomenal. 

He feels that John is very creative and he was glad that he got to work with such an amazing person.  

Cillian has worked with a deaf girl in his movie and he told that his experience working with her was amazing. 

He told that she was extraordinary and she was great at her acting. 

He opened up that the girl had some different aura within her and he had a great experience working with her. 

The interviewer then wanted to know if Cillian has ever watched an Indian movie or not. 

Cillian revealed that he had never watched any Indian movies in his life.

Cillian Is A Family Man

Cillian and his wife Yvonne have been married for over two decades now and like many other successful men, Cillian also credits his wife for his successful career. 

They share two sons and for Cillian, his family will always be his first priority. He and his wife like to keep their love life private but Cillian did talk about his family and wife in some interviews. 

He shared that he prefers spending more time with his family rather than working. According to Cillian one of the best experience while working was when he did shooting in his hometown. 

He shot his movie The Wind That Shakes the Barley in his hometown and the thing that he liked shooting in his hometown was being able to spend time with his wife. 

His wife was pregnant with their first child and he was around her which made it his best experience. 

As an actor, he also shared his struggle of not being able to spend much time because of his work schedule and it was hard for him to be with his family. 

He feels grateful for his wife as she is understanding and has handled many things on her own. He couldn't imagine what he would do without his wife's support. 

Cillian revealed that he felt difficulties balancing between life and career and he would actually prefer to work once a year and spend other time with his wife and children. 

He doesn't like public attention so during his off days he stays with his children cooking and doing other stuff in his home.


Malachy current age is 16 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Cillian is $20 Million. His source of income is through acting.  

The yearly income of Irish actors is €63,747.

Cillian Scorned For His Looks

The famous actor Cillian is popularly known for his role in a series named Peaky Blinders.

He is loved by the people for his character in that series. 

Many of his fans are completely obsessed with his look in that series as Tommy Shelby. But he was made fun of for his real appearance. 

One of his fans also made a collage of two pictures comparing his onscreen and off-screen looks. 

His obsessed fans forgot that he has a real life beyond his acting line. 

His fan said that a change in hairstyle could completely transfer a person into somebody else. He was scorned for his look. But some fans supported him. 

Some of his fans supported him saying that comparing his looks in two photos is completely disrespectful and it’s so inhumane of people to make fun of him for his appearance. 

It is so shameful act.

Cillian Murphy Scared Of Media

Cillian was not always seen around film promotions and interviews. 

He found it difficult to get along with the media, press, and other industrial campaigns.  

He was not confident enough to deal with all the comments and negativity that came with his success. 

But as time passed, he started building up his patience and confidence level. 

He later learned to deal with all types of good and bad questions and all the stuff that came with his success. 

Although he is successful, he still considers himself to be a learner. 

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