Who Is Mandi Elaine? Girlfriend Of Damian Priest

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Who Is Mandi Elaine? Girlfriend Of Damian Priest

Mandi Elaine is Damian Priest's girlfriend, an American professional wrestler

Mandi is a rumored girlfriend of Damian. But they haven’t confirmed their relationship yet. Mandi is a mother. 

She often shares her happy moments with her precious daughter but hasn't said anything about her baby's father. 

Mandi Elaine with her daughter.
Mandi Elaine with her daughter. Source: Instagram

Damian Refused To Help JD McDonagh 

When the wrestler JD McDonagh asked Damian for help against two other wrestlers, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

But Damian said no and told McDonagh that he would stay out of his problems. 

Later, when McDonagh gets attacked by Owens and Zayn, Damian watched and didn't help. 

McDonagh asked Damian to help in a fight, but Damian didn’t. 


Mandi's age is not public yet.

Net Worth

As a professional wrestler, Damian's net worth is about 2 Million Dollars.

Mandi Elaine's partner, Damian Priest.
Mandi Elaine's partner, Damian Priest. Source: Instagram

Similarities Between Damian And Bad Bunny

Damian and music artist Bad Bunny have a lot in common. 

Damian said they grew up in tough neighborhoods in Puerto Rico, making them instant friends when they met. 

They speak Spanish, which strengthens their connection. 

What makes them unique is their firm determination to succeed in their careers while staying true to themselves. 

They want to be famous and successful, but they won’t change who they are to achieve it. 

They believe in living life their way and expressing themselves through their choices in clothing and lifestyle. 

Damian is super impressed by Bad Bunny’s fame and influence. Bad Bunny is not only a big deal in Latin music but all over the world. 

He even performed at the Super Bowl halftime show with stars like J-Lo and Shakira. 

And there are rumors about him dating Supermodel Kendall Jenner

Damian is proud to be friends with Bad Bunny, and they even teamed up in a WWE match. 

They both represent people from challenging backgrounds who worked hard to achieve their dreams while staying true to themselves. 

Stunning Mandi Elaine.
Stunning Mandi Elaine. Source: Instagram

Damian's Journey To WWE Ring

Damian's real name is Luis Martinez

He was born on September 26, 1982, in New York City but spent much of his childhood in Dorado, Puerto Rico

While living in Dorado, he watched wrestling on TV and became passionate about it. 

He also learned Japanese Goju-Ryu karate from his dad, who was a martial artist

This martial arts background would later shape his wrestling style. 

Before becoming a wrestler, Damian was successful in full-contact martial sports and even won two national titles. 

However, his love for professional wrestling drew him back to the United States, where he wanted to make a name for himself in the wrestling world. 

Despite his strong Puerto Rican heritage, Damian barely spoke Spanish

Damian now works with WWE on their Raw brand as part of a group called The Judgment Day

But before WWE, he had a successful wrestling career in other places. 

He wrestled in Ring Of Honor using the name Punishment Martinez, and he did well there. 

He even won a championship called the ROH World Television Championship

He also went to Japan and wrestled as Punisher Martinez because ROH and New Japan Pro-Wrestling worked together. 

Damian's recent wrestling adventures have been exhilarating. 

He teamed up with music star Bad Bunny at WrestleMania and had intense rivalries with other wrestling stars like Dominik

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