Manwell Reyes

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Manwell Reyes

Manwell Reyes is the husband of an American actress, comedian, and former NFL cheerleader Anjelah Johnson

Manwell is a musician, actor, and songwriter. He was born in Germany. He has an older brother. 

He is American by his nationality. 

Manwell Reyes with his parents and siblings
Manwell Reyes with his parents and siblings  Source: Instagram 

Marriage And Children

Manwell is currently married to Anjelah, actress, and comedian. The couple got married back in 2011

They had their marriage ceremony programmed in Half Moon Bay, California

They have no children yet as they opened up that they don't want to be parents. 

As of 2022, they have completed 11 years as husband and wife and are very happy together.

Manwell Reyes's wife Anjelah Johnson
Manwell Reyes's wife Anjelah Johnson Source: Instagram

How Did Manwell Met His Wife?

Manwell and his wife Anjelah have been married for many years. 

They knew each other since high school time. 

Their music passion is the main thing that made the couple got connected, and after some time, they started dating each other. 

Manwell Reyes with his wife Anjelah Johnson
Manwell Reyes with his wife Anjelah Johnson Source: Instagram

About Manwell Reyes 

Manwell is an American singer, actor, and songwriter born on July 28, 1980.

He was born to his mother Carmen Hilda Reyes and father, Jorge Reyes, in Frankfurt, Germany

As a teenager, Manwell discovered that he had an interest in music, and he later decided to pursue a music career. 

He later created his band named Group 1 Crew, which managed him to earn lot of fame and success. 

Besides his music career, he is also an actor who has shown his appearance in many movies and shows. 


Manwell is 40 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Manwell is $1 Million. His source of income comes as being an actor, musician, and songwriter. 

The average income of a musician is $35,300 per year.

Manwell Reyes's Wife Didn't Wanted To Be A Standup Comedian

Manwell's wife, Anjelah, is a great standup comedian of today's time. 

She makes people laugh, and her jokes are perfect. But she was not always a great fan of standup comedy

She was in the Church as they conducted acting classes once a week. 

That was when she met women who offered her to teach standup comedy. She was free at that time, so she thought, why not. 

She wrote her first-ever standup comedy jokes, and surprisingly they went viral on the YouTube

She didn't know about it and didn't want to continue. 

But watching the positive response from her fans and viewers, she continued her excellent work.

Anjelah Johnson's Father Was Severely Injured

Anjelah posted a post on her Twitter thanking all the people who were a help to her father. 

She also shared what happened to him. His father was on a bike ride when he met some youngsters in Toyota 4Runner car. 

There was no problem until the car overtook the bike and shifted their lane. 

During the process, Anjelah's dad fell off the bike and was in the middle of the road. 

Fortunately, some people who were driving came to the rescue. They called an ambulance. 

They arrived on time and took him to the hospital. She also requested her fans to find the vehicle and also the people who did this and ran away.

Anjelah Johnson Didn't Know What To Do In Her Life

After finishing the her studies, Anjelah was in confusion. She didn't have any aims or goals in her life. 

She could have continued her studies, but she was not good at it. 

She was falling apart as she was more and more worried about what to do. 

She had a little spot for acting but knew nothing about it. 

Her friend in LA said she would help her initially, but she was not sure to decide. 

That's when her friend invited her to be a cheerleader in Oakland Raiders. She accepted the offer and stayed there for a year. 

But she wanted to act, and she finally went to LA. As promised, her friend helped her get the role of an extra in the Friends series.

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