Who Is Marc Chalamet? Father Of Timothee Chalamet

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Who Is Marc Chalamet? Father Of Timothee Chalamet

Marc Chalamet is the father of actor Timothee Chalamet. He was born in France in 1953. 

His parents were Roger Jacques Chalamet and Jean Ashworth. His father was a protestant priest. 

He is married to Nicole Felnder, a real estate agent and actress. They share two children, Pauline and Timothee

He is a French educator by profession. He served as a French teacher at the French Institute Alliance Francaise in New York for three years. 

He founded News of America. He is passionate about writing and has worked as an editor, writer, and translator in the United States since 2019.

Marc Chalamet's wife and son.
Marc Chalamet's wife and son. Son Facebook

Is Timothee Dating Kylie Jenner?

Yes, the couple has been dating each other for six months. 

The news of Timothee dating Kylie Jenner began in April. They did not publicly appear or talk about their dating life back then. 

They were very secretive about their relationship. The two publicly appeared as a couple in Beyonce's birthday concert. 

The two were seen being cozy in their private balcony. After that, they attended an NYFW dinner together in LA.

Recently, they were seen at Arthur Ashe Stadium for the US Open men's finale

They were seen kissing each other and showing affection to one another. Timothee and Kylie are finally out and open about their romance.

Marc Chalamet with his son, Timothee Chalamet.
Marc Chalamet with his son, Timothee Chalamet. Source: Instagram


Marc is 70 years old.

Net Worth

His son Timothee's net worth is estimated to be $25 million.

Children of Marc Chalamet.
Children of Marc Chalamet. Source: Pinterest

Timothee Talked About Meeting Kanye West

Timothee shared that his favorite artist was Kid Cudi, and one day, he texted Kid to wish him a happy birthday. 

He invited him for dinner, and he didn’t know Kanye would join them. 

He said when he reached there, Pete Davidson was also there. He said he was suspicious that Kanye was coming for dinner.

He joked when he came to the restaurant, there was a kind of earthquake happening in the restaurant. 

He said when he turned around, he saw Kanye and felt crazy. 

He went to the bathroom and texted his friends, telling them he would have dinner with Kanye West

His friends told him to go back to the table immediately. He said he had a great time with all of them. 

Timothee's Mother and Sister Fought In Oscar

Timothee was nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Actor when he was 22 years old.

He is the third youngest nominee for Best Actor at the Oscars. Timothee went to the Oscars with his mom, dad, and sister. 

He shared it was the craziest and weirdest night in his life. He told his sister and mother that they fought about seats during the commercial break. 

He said his mother was sitting beside him, and his sister wanted to sit close to him, so they fought about it. 

He asked his mom to give her seat to his sister for one commercial break, but she ignored him. 

He said he danced with his mom at Oscar's party. 

Timothee Pranked His Mom On A Cruise Ship

Timothee once locked his naked mom out on the balcony. He said that he was 12 years old when he used to go on cruise ships with his mom. 

One time, he decided to prank his mom. His mom took a shower and went to the balcony to dry herself and have fun there. 

He locked her outside and tried to be funny. He pretended to go out of the room. 

He waited two to three minutes to open the door, and later, he realized he didn’t have the key card with him. 

Later, he found the key card and opened the lock. 

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