Who Is Marc Klopp? Son Of Jurgen Klopp

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Who Is Marc Klopp? Son Of Jurgen Klopp

Marc Klopp is the son of Jurgen Klopp and Sabine Klopp. Marc is a retired professional footballer. He retired from football at the age of 26.

He is well known for being the son of football manager and former player Jurgen Klopp. 

His father is regarded as one of the best managers in the world, while his mother is a homemaker.

He is a German citizen. He belongs to the white ethnicity.

Marc Klopp's father, Jurgen Klopp.
Marc Klopp's father, Jurgen Klopp. Source: Instagram

Parents Married Story

Jurgen was married to Sabine Klopp. Before getting married, the couple dated each other for several years.

They started their conjugal life in the 1980s.

The couple decided to end their relationship after being together for twelve years.

They felt that their relationship was incompatible and decided to part ways. They officially got divorced in 2001.

Although they have divorced, they have maintained a healthy relationship between them.

Parents of Marc Klopp.
Parents of Marc Klopp. Source: RichAthletes

Who Is The Current Wife Of Jurgen?

After splitting from Sabine, Jurgen again found love in Ulla Sandrock.

They met for the first time in a bar where Ulla worked as a waitress.

Then they started living together just after three days.

Professionally, she is a children's novelist and social worker.

They got married in Germany in December 2005.

Both of them have a child from their previous relationship. But they together have no children.

His wife is also titled 'The First Lady of Bundesliga' because of her generosity.

Jurgen Klopp with his wife, Ulla Sandrock.
Jurgen Klopp with his wife, Ulla Sandrock. Source: Facebook


He was born on 13 December 1988 and is 33 years old.

Net Worth

His father's net worth is $50 million. He earns this through his profession as a football manager.

Rarely Known Facts About Jurgen

Jurgen had undergone a hair transplant. He is a tall guy. He loves celebrating Christmas along with the players.

He appeared in a popular television advertisement for car markers Opel. 

He is one of the leading personalities behind increasing car sales.

He spent his whole life playing for the FSV Mainz 05. He initially played as a striker. After that, he became the manager until 2008. 

He has a degree in Sports Science diploma from Goethe University, Frankfurt. His final thesis was on the topic of walking.

When he was the manager of the Mainz, the team players were taken to a remote lake in Sweden

The place lacked electricity and proper food. His main motive for taking them there was to make them stronger.

Norbert is his middle name. He prefers walking alone after each match.

How Does Jurgen Convert The Team Into A Winning Team

Jurgen is the manager behind the success of the Liverpool Team.

He uses his secret strategy of Gegenpressing, i.e., the technique of counter-pressing.

He is one of the best managers ever. Gegenpressing generally means pressing right after the ball is lost.

In this technique, when the opponent teams are infirm, the player and the ball will have seconds to choose only if they are in a suitable position. 

Otherwise, they will miss out on this chance.

The benefit of using this technique is the team can be well defended, and the opponent team can be smashed up.

It helps the ball to reach the goal easily. 

Another is the six-second rule. Jurgen trains the team to run after the ball.

Jurgen trains the players so they can handle the ball easily and lead the team towards a winning situation.

Why Does Jurgen Become Angry At The Reporter?

Jurgen became controversial after he referred to a tournament as 'little' for an African Cup of Nations.

This offended them and hence asked him for an apology.

When a reporter asked him a question related to the same situation, Jurgen disagreed with the statement made by him.

He clarified that he did not mean Africa as a little tournament, nor consider Africa little as a continent or any other way.

He said that there is a little tournament in January to the statement; there is no international break until March.

He means that there is still a tournament. He had no intention to refer to Africa as little

He was misunderstood for this statement, and the word little was emphasized a lot.

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