Who Is Margie Willett? Ex-Wife Of Dick Van Dyke

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Who Is Margie Willett? Ex-Wife Of Dick Van Dyke

Margie Willett was an ex-wife of actor, producer and comedian Dick Van Dyke

She was born in Danville, Illinois. She died at the age of 81 due to pancreatic cancer

Marriage And Children

Margie and Dick Van got married in 1947 but parted their way after being married for 30 years

They got married on a radio live broadcast show, Bride and Groom. They had four kids together: Christian, Barry, Stacy, and Carrie

Margie Willett with her ex-husband and their kids.
Margie Willett with her ex-husband and their kids. Source: People

Dick Cheated Margie

When Margie was married to Dick, her ex-husband was having an affair with his secretary Michelle Triola

He was cheating on Margie for a very long time. 

After their divorce was finalized, he dated Michelle until the time of her death. 

Dick was in a relationship with Triola for 35 years, but they were never married.

Van Found Love Again

Van is married to Arlene Silver. His spouse is a makeup artist

He met her in 2006 at an awards show, and they have remained friends for many years. 

After the death of his longtime partner, Arlene took care of him and was by his side during that time. 

Their friendship turned into love, and they tied the knot in 2012

Dick Van Dyke with his wife.
Dick Van Dyke with his wife. Source: Insider


Her ex-husband, Dick, is 98 years old

Net Worth

Her ex-husband, Dick's net worth is estimated to be $60 million

Dick Talked About Norman Lear And Carl Reiner

Dick gave an interview with Norman and Carl in 2017, and it was their last interview together as both Norman and Carl passed away. 

Dick said Norman and Carl were his two favorite human beings. 

He said he had difficulty believing they were no longer around him. 

He added everyone he has worked with has died. He said he dealt with those losses by making new friends. 

He said he keeps himself occupied with a lot of things.

Dick Talked About How He Managed To Be Fit In His 90s

Dick is 98 years old, and he is still fit and healthy. 

When asked how he managed to be around for this long, he replied he never imagined that he would live that long, and if he had known about it, he would have taken better care of himself. 

He said he struggled with alcohol addiction for a very long period. 

He thanked his wife for ensuring he got to the gym three days a week and did a complete workout. 

He has an energetic spirit and incredible physique, even at 97.

Dick will not retire ever

Dick has been in the industry for eight decades. 

He has won several awards and received the Kennedy Center honors, too. 

He said he was not ready to stop working. He joked that actors retire by doing nothing. 

He said he will never retire as working is fun, and he is living his best life. 

Dick Remembered Carl Reiner

Dick Van was Robert Simpson Petrie in a television sitcom, The Dick Van Dyke Show, which aired from 1961 to 1966 and was created by Carl Reiner. 

He said Carl was his idol, godfather, and everything to him. 

He said he was the smartest, most talented, and most excellent human being he had ever met. 

He said Carl knew a lot of comedy and had a lot of ideas about what comedy was. 

He said he learned a lot from him while doing the show. 

He said Carl was so brilliant that he did not mention anything about the show to them, and they were not allowed to talk about it either.

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