Who Is Margo Winkler? Wife Of Irwin Winkler

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Who Is Margo Winkler? Wife Of Irwin Winkler

Margo Winkler is the wife of Irwin Winkler, who is an American film producer. Margo and her spouse Irwin got married in 1958.

They have three children: Adam, David, and Charles.

Margo Winkler's husband and their son.
Margo Winkler's husband and their son. Source: Premium Hollywood

More About Margo 

Margo is an American actress known for playing more minor movie roles, often as a receptionist, clerk, or judge. 

She gained recognition for her minor roles in several films produced by her husband Irwin, including GoodFellas in 1990 and The King of Comedy in 1983, where she played the receptionist approached by Robert De Niro’s character. 

She also had a notable role as Barbara in Life as a House in 2001

Margo made her screen debut in 1970 and appeared in her son Charles Winkler’s film Rocky Marciano in 1999

Her last appearance was in 2006 in her husband’s movie Home of the Brave, where she played a waiting room mother. 

Margo Winkler with her husband, Irwin Winkler.
Margo Winkler with her husband, Irwin Winkler. Source: Pinterest


Margo was born in 1935. She is 88 years old.

Net Worth

As a Film producer and director, Margo’s husband Irwin's net worth is about $100 million.

Creed IV Is Expected To Start Filming In About A Year

Michael B. Jordan, who played Adonis Johnson Creed in the Creed movie, will be the director

Irwin is the producer of the Creed movie

Irwin spilled the beans during an interview that filming is expected to start in about a year.

Even though he was not supposed to say, Irwin shared the secret that Michael B. Jordan would return as an actor and director. 

The announcement came after Irwin confirmed the movie, expressing his enthusiasm to continue the Rocky franchise. 

He mentioned a good story and plot for the sports drama. 

Michael already made his directorial debut with Creed III, released in March 2023, which became the most significant domestic opening for a sports film, making over $58 million in its first weekend. 

Creed III saw the return of original cast members, but it was the first in the franchise without Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa. 

Sylvester regretted the direction the movie took due to creative differences. 

On the other hand, Michael B. Jordan felt more comfortable in his directorial role, expressing his desire to tell a story and not just act in front of the camera. 

He shared his excitement about portraying Adonis’ character and exploring where he believes the character is in Creed IV

Irwin Shared His 50 Years Of Experience

Irwin shared his 50 years of experience in the film industry and valuable life lessons. 

He values success and failure as part of the journey, urging people to keep moving forward. 

Irwin said it is crucial to stay humble and not let success make you think you are better than others. 

He discussed difficulties in making movies and how films have deeply affected his life. 

Irwin talked about his problem-solving approach to overcoming obstacles in his career. 

He learned to think on his feet and seize opportunities to progress in the industry. 

He remembers a crucial moment when he negotiated with the head of MGM, which opened the door for him to become a producer.  

Working with Elis Presley, he succeeded by seizing opportunities and taking thoughtful risks.

Irwin values the importance of not accepting NO and continuing to chase your dreams even when faced with difficulties. 

Irwin talked about how important it is to keep going in the film industry. 

He explains that making a movie can be challenging, but staying committed to a project is crucial even when things get difficult or people doubt it. 

Using the movie Rocky as an example, which he produced with Martin Scorsese, he shows how sticking with the film despite challenges paid off. 

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