Who Is Mari Martinez? Girlfriend Of Rodrigo Moreno

by Pragya Mon Aug 15 2022 Updated On Sat Sep 10 2022
Who Is Mari Martinez? Girlfriend Of Rodrigo Moreno

Mari Martinez is the girlfriend of English professional football player Rodrigo Moreno.

Her boyfriend Rodrigo currently plays for club Leeds United. Her boyfriend is of Brazilian by his nationality. 

She has a daughter with her partner. She is a Spanish citizen.

Family of Mari Martinez.
Family of Mari Martinez. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Mari is not married yet. However, she is happily spending her day with her partner, Rodrigo.

The couple has a beautiful daughter and they welcomed her into this world in 2019.

Mari Martinez with her boyfriend, Rodrigo Moreno.
Mari Martinez with her boyfriend, Rodrigo Moreno. Source: Instagram


Her partner, Rodrigo, is 31 years old

Net Worth 

Her boyfriend, Rodrigo's net worth is 20 million euros. 

Mari Martinez boyfriend, Rodrigo Moreno.
Mari Martinez boyfriend, Rodrigo Moreno. Source: Instagram

Rodrigo Found It Difficult To Cope Up

Rodrigo just had five matches played with Leeds United and against Manchester City in the fifth game. 

He felt that the team played well against such a great team, and the result was a draw. 

When asked about the type of teammates he thinks the club has to offer, he revealed that everyone was determined and hardworking. 

He mentioned that his team was always ready to play football, attack, score, and win. 

It was not the gameplay that Rodrigo had been playing; hence he found it challenging to adapt to all the pressure and style of playing in the League. 

Still, he was trying to do as much as he could.

Rodrigo Was Happy With His Rating 

Rodrigo and his teammate Jack Harrison were put up in an interview with Sky Sports Premier League, where they were shown their 2022 FIFA rating cards. 

Rodrigo guessed that his rating was 79 overall in the 2022 rating and his guess was correct. 

His teammate’s rating was just a number lower, 78. Jack was satisfied with his rating but expressed that he wanted to raise his rating in the coming days. 

But Rodrigo seems to be entirely satisfied with his rating. 

Jack expressed that Rodrigo was a raw talent, and as mentioned in FIFA’s card, Rodrigo’s capabilities are also quite high and fine.

Rodrigo Values His Family

Rodrigo, in an interview, expressed that one’s family is the most important part of one’s life. A person is not complete without a family. 

According to Rodrigo, a family becomes the most valuable thing in the world, especially after having a partner and children. 

He is also a father and loves his daughter more than anything.

He revealed that the feeling of having own family, son, and daughter, is a different kind of feeling. 

Rodrigo thinks that this feeling cannot be expressed in words. 

It is the moment that makes him emotional, and he feels great about having that experience as a father.

Rodrigo Wants To Stay At Leeds United  

Rodrigo is a brilliant player, and many clubs have an eye for him. 

He can easily go to a high-rated club than his current club Leeds United, but he doesn’t plan to change his club. 

He said he is happy at the club and had no plan to move to any other club. 

Leeds is struggling to stay in the Premier League, but still, Rodrigo wants to play for the team and do what he can do for the team. 

He revealed that he had built a great relationship with the club and its crew. 

Everyone respects him and is good to him. He is also on the leader's council of the team. 

He also said his partner and daughter were happy in England and doing well here. 

Hence he wants to continue with the Leeds team and play for the team as better as he can. 

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