Who Is Maria de Fatima Lobo? Mother Of Alex Sandro

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Maria de Fatima Lobo is the mother of professional Brazilian football player Alex Sandro

She is married to her husband, Reinaldo Ramos da Silva. She is a Brazilian citizen

About Maria's Son Alex 

Alex is a Brazilian football player who plays for Serie A club Juventus and Brazil's national team

He is currently playing in FIFA World Cup 2022. His parents raised him in Catanduva, Brazil.

Married life of Alex 

Alex is married to his wife, Natalia Regina. They have been married to each other for a long time now and have a daughter together named Alexis.

Alex and Natalia have known each other since childhood and dated each other for a long time before tying the knot.

Family of Alex Sandro.
Family of Alex Sandro. Source: WTFoot

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Alex is 31 years old. He has a net worth of $68 Million.

Maria de Fatima Lobo's son, Alex Sandro.
Maria de Fatima Lobo's son, Alex Sandro. Source: Instagram

Alex Helped His Family With His First Savings

Alex was just fifteen when he professionally played football. Athletico Paranaense FC signed him at fifteen. 

He was a brilliant player, so the club paid him $100 monthly. 

It is not so much money, but the club takes care of every need of the player. The club paid his schooling bills, food, and lodging. 

As he used to earn $100 monthly, he used to spend $50 on his other needs, and he used to save $50. 

After saving for half a year, he saved a total of $300. He could have used it for himself and his desire.

But instead, he gave it to his parents to paint the front side of their house. 

According to Alex, he had won many matches as a child, but providing his savings to his parents was his biggest win

He wanted to help his family instead of fulfilling his desires.

Alex Wants To Be Like Lucho Gonzalez 

Alex has played with many big names and has had a great experience with them. 

Alex himself is a brilliant player, and hence he likes to play with and against the best players in the world. 

From what he revealed, he has played with many brilliant players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Cuadrado, Douglas, Dybala, and many more. 

But there was one player he always loved as a teammate, and he has tried to be like it, and that is Lucho Gonzalez. 

Lucho Gonzalez is a person that Alex looked up to even though he was Alex’s teammate. 

Alex described that Lucho was a great personality, and his dedication attracted the defender

He also described Lucho as a dedicated man and a supportive teammate in the Locker room. 

He also revealed that Lucho was an example for him and his team, and he hence greatly respects Lucho.

Alex Miss World Cup

As a brilliant player, Alex is one of the nation's first choices regarding essential matches. 

So it is evident that he was to play for Brazil in World Cup 2022. 

But his stay in World Cup was at risk because of his injury while playing against Switzerland.

His team won the match by a 1-0 difference, but his injury kept his team at greater risk. 

The doctors stated that he would not be available for a match or two. 

His teammates and coach hope for him to recover as soon as possible, as their team is missing many important players.

Alex Wants To Play In EPL

Alex has been playing for Juventus since 2015. He had achieved many titles with the Italian club and settled in with the club. 

But as his contract was coming to an end, many clubs were targeting him. 

Many big clubs from Premier League, like Manchester United and Chelsea, had their name linked up with the player. 

Alex said he was really happy playing for his club Juventus and wants to do everything for the club. 

But still, he expressed that he always had dreamed of playing in the Premier League at least once in his life. 

He extended his contract with Juventus but said he would join a Premier League club soon.

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