Maria Ratzinger- Tragedy Of Pope Benedict Sister

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Maria Ratzinger- Tragedy Of Pope Benedict Sister

Maria Ratzinger is the late elder sister of the late Pope Benedict, the head of the Catholic Church and former sovereign of the Vatican City State. 

She was born in Pleiskirchen, Germany, and had two siblings. She died in the year 1991 at the age of 62

She was a German citizen. 

Maria had never married in her life.

Maria Ratzinger's brother, Pope Benedict.
Maria Ratzinger's brother, Pope Benedict. Source: Pinterest

About Maria's Brother Pope

Pope Benedict was the head of the Catholic Church and former sovereign of the Vatican City State

He worked as sovereign of Vatican City from 2005 to 2013. He was born to his parents Maria and Joseph Ratzinger Sr in Germany.

His birth name is Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger. He died on the 31st of December, 2022

Maria Ratzinger's brother, Pope Benedict.
Maria Ratzinger's brother, Pope Benedict. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Pope 

Pope has never been married in his life. He served in the catholic church throughout his life, and there is a rule that priests cannot get married.

Pope was not allowed to get married.

Age And Net Worth 

Pope was 95 years old. He had a net worth of $2.5 Million to $5 Million.

Maria Wanted To be a teacher.

Maria's brother revealed in a book that since Maria was a kid, she always wanted to be a teacher and educate children about the world and good deeds. 

She was passionate about teaching, and she dreamed of becoming a teacher. 

But still, she, on her own, will leave her dream of becoming a teacher. 

She was always against the Nazis and their ideology, and as the state didn't allow talking about the group, she was left with no option. 

She refused to go to University and teach the Nazi idolizes to the children as per the government. 

So instead, she followed the path of God and continued her life.

Pope Believes In Heterosexual Marriage

Pope is a Catholic Church priest; like any other Catholic priest, he is also one against same-sex marriage or feelings. 

From what he said in one of his speeches, God created everyone with two genders, either male or female. 

Both genders have their respective roles to play in this world. And he believes that the sexuality of people is misleading nowadays. 

He thinks that other marriages, except heterosexuals, are against the will of nature and the will of God. 

He even told his followers to defend heterosexual marriage as it is slowly being turned into other ways.

Pope Thinks That Condom Can't Stop Sexual Disease

Catholic peoples are very religious, and they have their own kind of beliefs present in them. 

Pope was the head of the Church and wrote his book. In his book, he stated that the use of condoms should be restricted. 

According to him, condoms won't help the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and Aids.

His point was Africa has the highest distribution of condoms and in the same country number of people suffering from AIDS is more. 

He said that people must learn about the dimension of sexuality and involve them spiritually, and only then they stop sexually transmitted diseases. 

Pope Was On Twitter

Pope has always been a priest and a conservative person throughout his life, but to people's surprise, he actually opened a Twitter account in December 2012. 

As he was not so knowledgeable about social media, his account was handled by pontifex. 

He thanked all his followers and expressed his happiness to connect with them online through his Tweet. 

He constantly got in touch with his followers through Twitter. But in 2013, he retired from his position at the Church. 

After him, a new person was elected for his position.

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