Who Is Maria Tatis? Mother Of Fernando Tatis Jr

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Who Is Maria Tatis? Mother Of Fernando Tatis Jr

Maria Tatis is the mother of Dominican professional baseball player Fernando Tatis Jr. She is married to her husband, Fernando Tatis Sr., a former baseball player

She shares five children with him. Maria is Christian by her religion. She is a Dominican citizen by her nationality. 

Maria Tatis with her husband.
Maria Tatis with her husband. Source: Instagram

About Maria's Son Fernando 

Fernando Tatis Jr is a professional baseball player. He plays for the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball as a shortstop and right fielder. 

He was born in 1999 and has his birthday on Jan 2

He has three brothers named Elijah, Daniel, and Joshua, and a sister named Maria

Maria Tatis with her son, Fernando Tatis Jr.
Maria Tatis with her son, Fernando Tatis Jr. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Fernando

Fernando is not married yet. Also, he is not dating anyone currently. He is pretty private about his love life, so nothing has been known about it.

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Fernando is 24 years old. He has a net worth of $10 Million

Family of Maria Tatis.
Family of Maria Tatis. Source: Instagram

Fernando Doesn't Lift Weight

Fernando was asked about his fitness schedule in one of his interviews and was asked if he does weightlifting or not. 

He then revealed that he was not a weightlifting guy. Although he has a great body and physic, he doesn’t lift weights. 

He does exercise, swimming, and hiking to build his physic but doesn’t lift weights. 

He prefers light exercises and enjoys doing that. He talked about his accomplishments in swimming and hiking. 

He can dive up to 50 feet without any oxygen tank. He also loves to hike, and he is not the kind of person that gets tired quickly.

Fernando Doesn’t Count Home Run

Fernando is one of the brilliant players in baseball, and being one of the greatest in the scene, he has a lot of records. 

Most baseball players like to keep a record of their home runs, but Fernando has stopped keeping records. 

He said he is not much focused on stats as he is in a position where his stats are always better. 

But he focuses more on hitting as much as home runs as possible in the game. 

He has stopped following up on his stats as he has hit many home runs. 

The interviewer then revealed that Fernando had hit 88 home runs which is a huge number.

Growing Up In A Good Family 

Fernando is a great player and a great human being, as he believes in helping and giving. 

But it is not because he has the experience of a bad childhood but because he was raised well. 

His father was a baseball player like him and was wealthy. So he never had to go through any difficulties. 

But he did mention that he once worked at his father's farm. His father wanted him to know the taste of hard work. 

He didn’t hesitate to work on the farm. He said that since he was 15, he and his father had been pretty clear that he would be a baseball player. 

Fortunately, his and his father’s dream came true, and he is now one of the greatest.

Spending Money On Everyone 

Fernando was signed in the Dominican League at a young age and was given $1 Million for the contract. 

He then showed GQ Sports the whole of his expenditures. He said that he first bought Jewelry worth $300k, including chains and watches. 

He also bought a car Audi RQ3 with a customized design, for $180k. Also, he went to the official Adidas store. 

He then spent $15000 over there buying things for himself and his family. 

He gave it to himself and his family and donated $250k to the charity he has been involved in his country. 

He then bought a house for his father, which was his dream house.

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