Maria-Theresa Heidkruger

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Maria-Theresa Heidkruger

Maria-Theresa Heidkruger is the mother of German-American actress and former fashion model Diane Kruger

Maria was married to Hans-Heidkruger. He was a computer specialist by his profession. Later they separated.

Maria herself was a bank employee by her profession. 

She has a daughter and a son named Diane and Stefan. She had married twice in her life. Her second husband died in 2016.

Maria-Theresa Heidkruger with her late husband
Maria-Theresa Heidkruger with her late husband   Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Diane Kruger

Diane was married to Guillaume Canet previously. He is an actor and director. They both fell for each other and got married in 2001

As a couple, they also played in a show. Their married life was not long as they divorced after six years.  

They opened up that the reason behind their failed marriage was they couldn’t maintain time for each other as their career made them travel to different countries.

After that, she dated Joshua Jackson. They stayed as a couple for 10 years but later got separated. 

As of 2021, Diane is currently in a relationship with Norman Reedus, an actor. They both met on the set of the show. 

After working together for a year, they started dating each other. 

They have been together since 2016 and have a daughter named Nova Heidkruger.

Diane with her partner Norman
Diane with her partner Norman  Source: Instagram

About Diane Kruger

Diane is a German-American actress and former fashion model born on 15 July 1976

She is the daughter of Hans-Heinrich Heidkruger and Maria-Theresa. Her parents raised her with her younger brother. 

She dreamt of being a dancer when she was a kid, but her injury made her choose fashion modeling.  

She then made her career in acting. She had appeared in many movies. 

Her best movies are Fly Me To the Moon, Troy and Inglorious Basterds. Her performance in movies made her win many awards and gain popularity.

Maria-Theresa Heidkruger with her daughter
Maria-Theresa Heidkruger with her daughter  Source: Instagram 

Broken Knee Made Diane Kruger A Star

Diane wanted to be a professional ballet dancer when she was a child and had worked hard for it, but unfortunately, her knee broke at the age of 13, which made her quit her dream. 

She didn’t know what she to do next until people told her to try modeling. 

She was under-confident as she didn’t have good height and was from a bit backward place, but she did try and gained huge success from it. 

She was bored with it and was unhappy as she wanted something related to creativity. 

She then met some people during her modeling in Paris who were actors and suggested that she join drama school. 

She then went to drama school and debuted in her first movie in 2002. She has now been recognized as a famous actress.


Maria's daughter Diane is 42 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Diane is $24 Million. Her source of income comes as being a professional actress. 

Her yearly income is estimated at $4.16 Million per year.

Maria Received A Tribute From Her Daughter

Maria’s daughter Diane left her home and family to make her career. Maria was very close to her daughter. 

After many years Maria got a chance to reunite with her son and daughter. 

She is very happy as her children are now successful. 

Maria received tribute from her daughter on Women’s Day. Her daughter shared a photo of them staying together. 

Her daughter was very happy to meet her mother, and she has written that she got a chance to meet her mother, who is like her friend again. 

Her daughter also mentioned that she missed her mom so much when far from her.   

Diane Kruger Spoke On The Side Of Her Director

At a time, Diane and her co-star Uma Thurman were together doing a movie named “Kill Bill.” 

There was a brutal scene in that movie where the director grabbed both of the actresses’ necks and choked them, which came out to be real. 

But after the shooting, Uma Thurman accused the director Quentin Tarantino of choking her real hard and trying to kill her. 

Diane was also being choked, and she said it was part of the scene to chock hard to portray it naturally. 

She also added that the director and everyone there was respectful and caring on the set, which made her comfortable. 

The director also said that it was part of the scene, and the whole idea of choking hard was of Uma herself. 

Not only this, but Uma also accused Quentin of letting her drive an unsafe car that crashed during the scene and left her injured. 

She said that working in the movie was a bad experience for her. 

On the other hand, Diane defended her director by posting a post on Instagram where she said that the movie experience was pleasuring and joyful.

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