Who Is Mariah Schneider? Partner Of Julien Baker

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Who Is Mariah Schneider? Partner Of Julien Baker

Mariah Schneider is a singer and guitar maker, also best known as being the partner of Julien Baker, an American singer.

Mariah Building Career In Guitar Making

Mariah is a young woman who lives in Nashville and originally came from Germany

She started playing guitars recently but has become good at it quickly.

She used to work at a company called Novo Guitars and has now built 100 guitars.

She worked as a guitarist for a famous band called My Chemical Romance

Even though she is new to making guitars, she has always loved guitars. 

Her grandpa was good at making things from wood, which made her interested in making guitars. 

She even wanted her grandpa to make her a guitar as a kid. 

She started playing guitar when she was around 12, and her guitar teacher taught her how to take care of the guitar while learning to play. 

Mariah moved to Nashville from Germany with her family and attended school here. 

She also started her rock band Slider, which released an album in 2019

But it wasn’t until after the COVID lockdown that she built her first guitar. 

She got invited to a workshop to try making a guitar and learned from her friends who work with guitars. 

So, she taught herself how to turn some guitar parts into a real playable guitar.

Mariah Schneider is playing guitar.
Mariah Schneider is playing guitar. Source: Instagram

Her Love Life

Mariah is currently in a relationship with Julien.

Julien doesn’t talk much about her dating life, but she shares pictures of Mariah on her Instagram

They don’t officially say they are partners in the captions. Mariah is different. She constantly posts pictures of Julien and shows that she cares about her. 

They go on dates and support each other’s events. Mariah is a singer and guitarist like Julien, and she is in a band called Slider

The band is in Nashville and has Maria, Marcus, Kyle, and Caleb in it. 

Even though Julien has not said much about her relationship, we know they have been together for over three years. There is not a lot of information available.

Mariah Schneider and her partner, Julien Baker.
Mariah Schneider and her partner, Julien Baker. Source: Instagram


Mariah might be in her late 20s

Net Worth

As a singer, Julien's net worth is about 7 Million Dollars.

Music Was Like Therapy For Julien 

Julien was born on September 29, 1995, in Memphis, USA. 

She grew up in a Christian family and learned to play the piano and guitar when she was young. 

She went to ST. Agnes Academy for high school, where she played music in the school band and started writing her songs. 

When she was a teenager, Julien had a tough time dealing with issues like substance abuse and self-harm. 

Music became like therapy for her. She began performing at local places and coffee shops. 

In 2010, she made a recording with her friend Adam Villines called Forrester. 

After finishing high school in 2013, she studied audio engineering at Middle Tennessee State University

Around that time, she started performing independently and writing songs for her first album, “Sprained Ankle.” 

The album is known for her emotional singing and simple music with just guitar and piano. 

People loved her album a lot, saying it was honest and open. People also liked her songwriting and playing music. 

She started touring a lot to support her album. In 2017, she joined Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus to create a music group called Boygenius

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