Who Is Mariana Alvarez? Mother Of Julian Alvarez

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Who Is Mariana Alvarez? Mother Of Julian Alvarez

Mariana Alvarez is the mother of Argentine football player Julian Alvarez. Mariana was a school teacher by profession. 

She is married to her husband, Gustavo Alvarez. She is an Argentine citizen by her nationality.

Married Life Of Mariana 

Mariana is married to her husband, Gustavo Alvarez. Her husband was a truck driver. 

The couple married a long time ago and has three children together. 

All the children are sons; their names are Raphael Alvarez, Agustin Alvarez, and Julian. 

They both parented and supported their children, and all of their three sons pursued a football career.

Children of Mariana Alvarez.
Children of Mariana Alvarez. Source: Instagram

Mariana's Son Left His Dreams

Mariana’s oldest son Agustin also pursued his career in football just like his brothers, but sadly, he had to leave his football dreams. 

Agustin was trying to be part of Colon FC but suffered a knee injury which made him unable to be a football player.

So he chose another path for him and got himself an accountancy degree.

Family of Mariana Alvarez.
Family of Mariana Alvarez. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Mariana are unknown. Her son Julian is currently 22 years old.

Her son Julian's net worth is between $1 - $5 Million

Mariana Alvarez's son, Julian Alvarez.
Mariana Alvarez's son, Julian Alvarez. Source: Instagram

Mariana Revealed Why Julian Was Called Spider

Julian was just a child when he got an opportunity to play in Atletico Calchin FC in his hometown. 

The team was one of the brilliant local teams, and he was, According to Mariana, excited to play for the club alongside his two brothers

Although he was the youngest, he was the best player on his team. 

He was one of the team's top scorers on the team, and his brother described that he was not easy to catch up with. 

From what Mariana described, Julian was so fast and skillful that defenders couldn’t get a ball from him. 

While playing, it looked like he had many legs and was passing by the defender using those many legs. 

So everyone has called him the spider ever since.

Mariana’s Son Handed Over A New Car To His Mentor

Mariana and her husband were always supportive of their children and the path they chose. 

They did what was possible for their children to reach the height of success. Hence, they asked Rafael Varas to be the coach of Julian. 

Varas had an excellent knowledge of football. But he had to work as a delivery man and had an old large van. 

Varas refused to be the coach of Julian, but he did agree to guide the player to play well and succeed in life. 

After he was successful, he didn’t forget his mentor. 

Julian bought a car and sent his father to hand the new car to Varas. Looking at the vehicle, Varas moved into tears.

Julian’s Loan Agreement Was Terminated

Julian moved to Manchester City in 2022 from River Plate FC and was excited to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. 

But before he could even play the matches, he was immediately sent off on loan to his ex-team, River Plate FC

He didn’t think it would happen, but he was okay with it. But the arrival of Haaland changed the plan of coach Pep. 

Looking at the way Haaland played, Pep thought Julian would be an excellent support for the new striker

Pep found that Julian could succeed in the team. Hence the club called the player to the unit again and asked River Plate to terminate the loan. 

They took time, but for some money, the loan was terminated, and he returned to Manchester City. 

Julian Is The Player Every Manager Wants To Work With

Julian was promoted to the senior team of River Plate FC in 2018 after the coach realized he was ready to face the senior players and teams. 

After he arrived on the senior team, his skills, talent, and stats impressed his coach. 

But what impressed everyone except his matches was his character. 

The coach described that Julian was straightforward to work with and a perfect guy. 

Coach also revealed that Julian was the type of player he and other coaches would want to work with, as he makes things easy for others. 

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