Who Is Mariana Cicera Barbosa de Oliveira? Mother Of Roberto Firmino

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Who Is Mariana Cicera Barbosa de Oliveira? Mother Of Roberto Firmino

Mariana Cicera Barbosa de Oliveira is the mother of Brazilian professional footballer Roberto Firmino

Her husband's name is Jose Roberto Cordeiro. Her husband used to run a water business

She has two children, a son Roberto, and a daughter Roberta Marcella, with her husband. 

Mariana Cicera Barbosa de Oliveira's husband and son.
Mariana Cicera Barbosa de Oliveira's husband and son. Source: Instagram

Who Is Firmino Married?

Firmino is married to his wife, Larissa Pereira. The couple got married in 2017

He and his wife have three children together, and all of them are daughters. Their daughters' names are Bella Firmino, Valentina Firmino, and Liz Firmino.

They had their first meeting in 2014, and after that, they started dating and are now happily married.

Family of Mariana Cicera Barbosa de Oliveira.
Family of Mariana Cicera Barbosa de Oliveira. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Firmino is 31 years old. The net worth of Firmino is $30 Million

Mariana Cicera Barbosa de Oliveira with her son, Roberto Firmino.
Mariana Cicera Barbosa de Oliveira with her son, Roberto Firmino. Source: Instagram

Mariana Let Her Son Play Football

Mariana’s son Firmino is a great football player, and they have a stable life. But life in the past was not the same. 

Mariana and her family were poor. They just had a small business to feed them. 

Her son Firmino on the other hand was always into football. She what so ever, never stopped him from playing football. 

Many people told her about how talented Firmino was, so she also believed that her son could be a great player someday. 

The young boy's talent was also recognized by the coach of the club he used to play in as a child. 

So the coach managed his kits and expenses as he was not financially stable. 

Firmino soon started getting better and better, and his progress helped Mariana and her family to have a stable lifestyle.

Firmino Rarely Speaks English

Firmino is rarely seen speaking English. 

He has stayed a long time in the Premier League playing for Liverpool, and still, he doesn’t speak much in interviews and definitely not in the English language

But after the match against Rangers, he spoke to the media in English, which shocked his fans. 

It was a 7-1 victory, and Salah scored a hat-trick in the match. Firmino said that he knew that the Hat-trick was coming from the side of Salah

He even confronted that after Salah’s first goal, he said to Salah that he would get Hat-trick in the match. 

He had a feeling about it. His prediction was right, and speaking about it in English in media was something people felt surprised about him.

Firmino’s Every Celebration Is Original

Firmino has often seen brilliant scoring goals in the match. Each of the goals is quite unimaginable and brilliantly finished. 

The goals he scores are special for his fans, and from what he opened up in an interview, the goals he scores are special for him as well. 

Hence, he celebrates all his goals quite funny and entertainingly. 

His celebrations are also quite special and unique, like his goals. So, when asked about his celebrations, he revealed that they were all original. 

All the celebration that he performs after a goal is his own creation. He really likes to be original. 

His celebrations are quite funny and entertaining because he wants his goal to be celebrated in a fun way, and he wants to entertain himself with every goal.

Firmino Is Just Behind Haaland

The 22/23 season for Liverpool has been quite disappointing as they are losing track of winning games. 

They lost many important matches in the season, which kept them from reaching the top. 

But looking at the individual performances, Firmino is quite at the top despite playing for Liverpool.

Firmino has been scoring for the team as much as he can. 

Haaland had a great start with Manchester city, and he is in the number 1 position according to minutes per goal or assists per stats. 

But Firmino is someone who is quite close to Haaland.

With just 10 mins points of difference, Firmino had 52 minutes per goal or assist, which is great stats for him.

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