Who is Marianne Reedus? Mother Of Norman Reedus

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Who is Marianne Reedus? Mother Of Norman Reedus

Marianne Reedus is the mother of Norman Reedus, an American actor. He is a renowned Hollywood actor. 

She was married to Ira Norman Reedus. Her married life didn't go well, so they separated. Her ex-husband died in 2002.

Marianne worked as a teacher.

Marianne Reedus with her husband and their baby.
Marianne Reedus with her husband and their baby. Source: Pinterest

Norman's Marriage And Children

Norman and Diane Kruger are happily engaged and have a daughter. They met while making the movie SKY in 2015.

Diane was in a different relationship back then. After a few years, Diane and Norman got closer after she broke up with her previous partner. 

About a year later, they had a daughter named Nova Tennessee. They got engaged in 2021

They were in a movie together and are now raising their daughter. Norman and Diane started been seen together in 2016

They were noticed at an exhibition of Reedus photos in Paris. 

They went on trips together and were often seen holding hands and kissing in public. 

They appeared together at different events such as US Open and the Golden Globes

They kept their pregnancy quiet, but fans noticed Diane’s loose clothes at the event. 

They had a baby in 2018

Diane mentioned her happiness and thanked Norman in a Thanksgiving post on Instagram. 

Norman already had a son from a previous relationship. His name is Mingus

Mingus is also good with the baby and acted like a protective big brother. 

Their daughter is not very girly, according to Diane. Diane shared a picture of her and their baby watching the sunset on Mother's Day. 

She also posted a screenshot of the moment they heard their baby’s heart beat for the first time.

Diane enjoyed watching their daughter grow and thanked Norman for giving them a wonderful little angel that improved her life. 

Norman Reedus with his partner.
Norman Reedus with his partner. Source: Instagram


Marianne's son is 54 years old.

Net worth

As an American actor and model, Marianne's son Norman has a net worth of $40 Million.

Norman Likes His Spinoff Show The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

Norman's popular show The Walking Dead has a spinoff, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

It is about Daryl Dixon, played by Norman, who is going to France and having an exciting adventure there. 

This show is unique because it is in a different place and has a different feel, showing French countryside and incredible castles. 

The leading actor, Norman, really likes it. He thinks it is not just a regular TV show but more personal and artistic. The new spinoff is different and unique. 

Another spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City, has different characters.

Marianne Reedus with her son, Norman Reedus.
Marianne Reedus with her son, Norman Reedus. Source: Pinterest

Hideo Kojima Hints Norman Might Be On Death Stranding 2

Hideo Kojima, known for Death Stranding, shared photos of Norman and Keanu Reeves, sparking rumors of Keanu’s role in Death Stranding 2

Kojima often hints at things early, as he did with Keanu before. Keanu’s part in Cyberpunk 2077 might have influenced this. 

Due to COVID-19, Kojima reshaped Death Stranding 2 stories, focusing on connections between people. 

The game expands on the first with changes. Kojima’s posts are not always straightforward. 

This follows Kojima's past photo with Keanu in 2019

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