Marieangela King

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Marieangela King

Marieangela King is the wife of American musician Elijah Blue. Marieangela herself is a musician. 

She has six siblings, and all of them are brothers. 

She was born on July 16, 1987, in Mumbai, India. She of German-British by her nationality.

Marieangela with her pet
Marieangela with her pet  Source: Twitter 

Married Life Of Marieangela King 

Marieangela is currently married to Elijah Blue, a well-known singer. The couple married each other in the year 2013

As of 2022, they have completed 9 years of married life together. They have no kids together. The couple is very happy in their life. 

However, they sometimes had to deal with hard times, but they knew how to handle it and maintain their relationship. 

Marieangela King with her husband Elijah Blue
Marieangela King with her husband Elijah Blue Source: Pinterest

How Did Marieangela Meet Her Husband?

Marieangela has completed a couple of years with her husband. They are a very happy together. 

The couple met each other for the first time on a blind date. They met each other, hung out, and started getting close. 

After a certain time, the couple dated each other and soon got married.

Elijah Blue with his mom
Elijah Blue with his mom  Source: Instagram

About Marieangela's Husband Elijah Blue

Elijah is an American musician born on July 10, 1976. His full name is Elijah Blue Allen. He was born to famous singer Cher

Elijah is well known by the name P. Exeter Blue professionally. He started his music career at an early age. 

Currently, he is the singer and guitarist for the rock band Deadsy

His wife Marieangela is also a musician and member of the pop music group King Family

Elijah was inspired by his mom Cher to pursue a music career. He has many fan followers and has earned huge success in his life.


Marieangela is 34 years old. Her height is 1.65m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Marieangela is $1.5 Million. Her source of income comes as being a musician.

The average income of a musician is $35,300 per year.

Marieangela King Is The Best Thing That Happened To Elijah

Elijah was going through a tough time in his life from the early days. He was an addict to the drug. 

He was addicted to heroin and other stuff. He also had Lyme disease. A lot of bad things were happening with him. 

He then went for the treatment of the disease and cured for the disease. 

Everything was going bad, but one thing good about life was meeting his wife, Angela, while treating. He found love and happiness with her. 

He considered her the best thing that happened in his life.

Elijah Blue Allman Felt Ignored

Elijah seems to be not so close with his family, all because of his past life. 

As a child, he always felt ignored by his mother and family. He was sent to boarding school just at the age of 7 years.

He then adapted the thing by learning how to stay alone. 

He traveled to different places with his friends and didn't stayed at home much.

Elijah Blue Allman Was A Drug Addict

Elijah revealed that he was a drug addict. 

He didn't start to consume the substance after he came into the field of music but had started at the age of 11. 

He started taking marijuana and slowly moved into other drugs. 

He said that he doesn't regret it because the drugs gave him hope to live. He said that he was going through a tough time back then. 

He was in the verse of jumping off of bridge and committing suicide. But the drugs gave him peace. It helped him heal.

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