Who Is Marilyn Hamel? Ex-Wife Of Alan Hamel

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Who Is Marilyn Hamel? Ex-Wife Of Alan Hamel

Marilyn Hamel is the ex-wife of actor, entertainer, and film producer Alan Hamel

She was born in Canada. They got married in 1958. They have two children, Leslie Hamel and Stephen Hamal.

They parted their ways in 1971.

Marilyn Hamel's ex-husband and their daughter.
Marilyn Hamel's ex-husband and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Did Alan Marry Again?

Alan was married to Suzanne Somers for the second time. They met for the first time in 1969 when Hamel was the host of the show The Anniversary Game and Suzanne was working as a prize model. 

Alan fell for her the moment he saw her. He made the first move and went to talk to her. 

They had an instant connection from their first interaction. They tied the knot in 1977.  They built a brand called Wellness Empire

Alan Hamel with his late wife.
Alan Hamel with his late wife. Source: Instagram

Alan's Wife Died At The Age Of 76

Hamel and Suzanne had been married for 42 and had known each other for 55 years

Alan said in an interview that they have been apart, not even for an hour. His wife died a day before her 77th birthday.

His wife was an actress, author, singer, businessman and health spokesperson. She died on October 16, 2023

His wife was battling with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her fans, relatives, and friends paid heartfelt tribute to Suzanne on social media. 

Her fans put flowers on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where her name is engraved in a star.


Her ex-husband Alan is 87 years old

Net Worth

Her ex-husband Alan's net worth is estimated to be $100 million

 Marilyn Hamel with her daughter.
Marilyn Hamel with her daughter. Source: Instagram

Alan Opened Up About His Late Wife's Final Days

In an interview, Alan shared that his wife was doing okay during her final week. 

He said they had conversations and faced the reality of what life had thrown at them.

He shared he asked his wife what she wanted to maintain that is close to her during her absence. 

His wife told him she had been providing organic and best products for the ladies for many years and wanted that to continue no matter what happened to her. 

He said his wife knew she would be gone soon as she has been fighting cancer for two decades. 

She wanted to ensure they continued to make incredible products in the market after she was gone. 

He shared at her final moment, she was breathing heavily, so he gave her some pills to calm her down, but the pills did not work. 

He said he was fortunate to be by her during the final goodbye. He said she died in peace and was still beautiful when she left. 

He added that all the family members were there during the final moment, and they have supported him ever since. 

He said he does not feel alone as his family is always with him. 

Alan Talked About How He Was Feeling After Losing His Beloved Wife

Alan said he was doing okay, as his family has been around him. 

He said he was aware that his life was going to change completely and knew that it was coming. 

He shared he was ten years older than his late wife, so he thought that he was the one who was going to go first and thought his wife would be all other, but things happened differently. 

He mentioned life is hard, and he had to live with it. He added his wife was an excellent partner and mother, and was the one who held the family together. 

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