Marisela Vallejos Felix – Tragedy Of Late Chalino Sanchez Wife

by Pragya Wed Mar 20 2024 Updated On Wed Mar 20 2024
Marisela Vallejos Felix – Tragedy Of Late Chalino Sanchez Wife

Marisela Vallejos Felix is the wife of late Mexican singer and songwriter Chalino Sanchez

She was born to her parents, Ramona and Gabriel Sanchez, back in 1970. She is a Mexican–American citizen by nationality. 

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Married life of Marisela and Chalino

Marisela was happily married to her late husband, Chalino

She met him while she was working in Los Angeles, and Chalino’s cousin was the one who arranged their first meeting. 

They fell in love shortly after knowing each other, and in 1984, they tied the knot.

Marisela was already pregnant with their first baby boy, Adan, at the time of their marriage. She also shared a daughter named Cynthia Sanchez

She and her late husband were married for nine years and got separated after Chalino’s death in 1992

Marisela Vallejos Felix with her husband Chalino Sanchez
Marisela Vallejos Felix with her husband Chalino Sanchez. Source: Instagram 
Marisela Vallejos Felix with her husband Chalino Sanchez and children Adan and Cynthia Sanchez
Marisela Vallejos Felix with her husband Chalino Sanchez and children Adan and Cynthia Sanchez. Source: Facebook

Age and Net Worth

Marisela Vallejos Felix is currently 53 years old. She has a net worth of $3 Million. As per sources her source of income is business. 

What happened to Marisela‘s husband? 

Marisela and her late husband Chalino shared a great nine years of marriage together. 

Sadly, their relationship ended after her husband, Chalino, was murdered. 

On May 16, 1992, Chalino performed in Culican Mexico, which turned out to be his last concert. 

While he was performing he received a note which had messages for him. 

The message was actually a death threat, and as soon as he read that, he left the performance and headed out. 

His life was at risk, so he stayed isolated for the night, but the next morning, he left the place in his van. 

While he was on his way, his van was surrounded by people who told him that they were cops and asked him to come with them. 

It was the last time he was seen. A few hours later, on the same day, his dead body was found. 

He had two gunshot wounds on his head, which clearly proved that he was murdered. 

Marisela lost her son? 

Marisela's older child and only son, Adan, followed Chalino and pursued a music career. 

He was talented and hardworking, but unfortunately, he didn’t get more time to live. He died in 2004 in a road crash. 

Adan was only 19 years old when he died. He was headed to his concert in the City of Madalan when his car crashed into the truck. 

The crash was really serious, which led to his death, and another two men who joined him on the trip also lost their lives. 

Marisela lost her husband and son in an extremely short time gap, which was devastating for her.

Marisela is a proud wife

Marisela talked about her deceased husband Chalino in her appearance in one of the interviews. 

Her husband was a very talented artist and was known as El Rey Del Corrido for his contribution to the music world. 

Three decades had already passed since he passed away, and it took lots of time for Marisela to overcome his death. 

After a long journey she managed to come out of Chalino ‘s death. 

However, despite such a long time, the love and respect that she has for Chalino still remain the same. 

She was very happy to know that the people still know and consider him as king of Corrido and feel really proud about it.

Marisela to be part of the documentary?

Chalino, the late legendary singer, was murdered brutally three decades ago. 

After his death, there was much news circulating around the internet that portrayed Chalino from a different perspective. 

So, to bring out the truth, his family has been working on a documentary. 

Marisela herself has been part of this documentary so that she could bring out the whole story of Chalino’s life and his death. 

There are so many things told about Chalino which were totally false so she wants to bring out Chalino’s true character that was hidden from the world. 

Not only Marisela, her daughter, and Chalino’s brother will also be part of the documentary.

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