Who Is Marita Payne? Mother Of Andrew Wiggins

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Who Is Marita Payne? Mother Of Andrew Wiggins

Marita Payne is the mother of Canadian basketball player Andrew Wiggins

Marita is a former track and field athlete who held the records in 400 m and Canadian records in 200m. 

She was born in 1960 and has her birthday on October 7. She is a Canadian citizen by nationality. 

Marita Payne and her son.
Marita Payne and her son. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Marita

Marita is married to her husband, Mitchell Wiggins, a former NBA Player. She met Mitchell at Florida State University. 

They have been married to each other for a very long time and share five kids.

They are parents to two sons, Andrew and Nick, and three daughters, Stephanie, Angelica, and Taya

Marita lives very happily with her husband Mitchell and their kids. 

Marita Payne and her husband, Mitchell Wiggins.
Marita Payne and her husband, Mitchell Wiggins. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Marita is 64 years old. She has a net worth of $ 1 Million. Her source of income was athlete.

Park Named After Marita 

Marita was one of the most successful athletes of her time. She was a track and field athlete, and throughout her career, she has made her country proud. 

In the 1984 Olympics, she won two silver medals and many titles. 

Because of her achievement, The City of Vaughan has named a park and a street after her. 

They named the park and streets Marita Street and Marita Park near her family house to honor her for her accomplishments. 

Marita’s Son Missed His Game

Marita and her whole family are from an athletic background. 

Her son Andrew is a talented basketball player now playing for the Golden State Warriors

Sadly, his son has been missing from the game since the middle of February. 

Marita’s husband Mitchell has been dealing with a severe health issue. Because of that, her son took a break from his career. 

The exact illness of Marita’s husband hasn’t been revealed, but it was reported as very serious. 

Her son Andrew wanted to be with his family during the hard times, so he hasn’t been seen in the games. 

Her son missed 21 games. However, he got back on track again. 

Marita Is A Proud Mother

Marita talked about her family in an interview. 

Her husband joined the interview with her, and they talked about their sons Nick and Andrew

Both of them are great NBA players, and Marita and her husband both feel proud to see their children succeed and follow their dreams. 

Marita Payne's son Andrew Wiggins.
Marita Payne's son Andrew Wiggins. Source: Instagram

Marita said that his kids are like normal kids who grew up playing video games and playing in the parks with their friends. 

Her sons are very different from each other as his son Andrew has a timid and soft-spoken nature. 

However, her other son, Nick, is the opposite. He is outspoken, funny, and loud. 

Despite their differences, they care about each other and are very supportive. 

Both are proud of seeing one another making their career, and seeing such things in children makes Marita a proud mother and her husband a proud father.

Andrew Got a Soft Tag

Andrew is one of the most talented NBA players. He struggled a lot to reach where he is now. 

His career was full of ups and downs, and back in 2017, he even got labeled as Soft. 

2017 Minnesota‘s player Jimmy Butler called him soft after playing a match with Andrew. 

Jimmy criticized and made fun of him. 

However, when Andrew was asked about this in an interview, he said he doesn’t care what other people think about him. 

He didn’t even waste his energy on the soft tag he got because he knew that there were people who knew his potential and who he was. 

People can think whatever they want, but he has his team and close ones who know he isn’t soft, and those are people whose opinions matter to him.

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