Who Is Mark Chenoweth? Brother Of Kristin Chenoweth

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Mark Chenoweth is the older brother of actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth

He does not have any siblings, as Kristin is his only sister. His parents are Junie and Jerry Chenoweth

Mark Chenoweth's parents and sister.
Mark Chenoweth's parents and sister. Source: Pinterest

Kristin Married To Josh

Kristin married musician Josh Bryant in Dallas, Texas, on September 2. She shared her wedding photos on her Instagram. 

They two met each other back in 2016 at Kristin's niece's wedding. 

At that time, Bryant was performing with his then-band Backroad Anthem at that wedding. 

They crossed their path again at her nephew's wedding a few years later. They started seeing each other and got engaged in 2021

Her husband is 14 years younger than her, but they don’t care about the age difference. 

Their friend officiated their wedding, and the ring bearer was their dog, Thunder. The theme of the wedding was pink. 

Kristin Chenoweth with her husband, Josh.
Kristin Chenoweth with her husband, Josh. Source: People


His sister, Kristin, is 55 years old

Net Worth

His sister Kristin's net worth is estimated to be $16 million

Kristin Dated Prince Rogers Nelson

Kristin revealed that she dated singer-songwriter Prince unknowingly. 

She said she didn’t know she was going on a date with Prince

Her manager told her that Prince called and asked her to meet, but she didn’t believe her, but her assistant told her that it was Prince on the phone. 

So she went to meet him driving her car in LA.  When she reached the place, there was a purple carpet, and a waitress was standing there. 

She said the room was huge, and it was a library. She was looking at what Prince was reading and suddenly heard footsteps as Prince used to wear heels. 

He came in, and she introduced her to him. They had salmon, but she didn’t like fish, so she hid it on her napkin. 

Prince asked if she wanted to see his guitar collection. They got down to the basement, which was massive, and there were around 200 guitars. 

He asked her to pick one, whichever she loved, and she chose a white guitar and tried to play some tunes. 

The guitar was heavy, and she asked what it was, and Prince told her it was Elvis Presley's belt. 

Chenoweth Was Adopted

Her parents adopted Chenoweth. She revealed about her adoption in her children's book. 

Her parents told her that her mother could not care for her, so they got a chance to care for her. 

They said her biological mother wanted to keep her, but she couldn’t, and she loved her a lot. 

She said her parents never hid about her being adopted. 

She shared her mom told her that her biological mom gave her life, but they got a chance to provide her with a dash. 

She also adopted a dog, Thunder. She said she would love to adopt a child one day. 

Kristin Opened Up About Meeting Her Biological Mother

Junie and Jerry adopted Kristin. She has not met her birth mother ever since she was adopted. 

Her parents raised her. But she met her mother last year. 

In an interview, Kristin shared that she never wanted to interfere in anyone's life, but she met with an accident, and during that time, she had time to heal and think about her life. 

She said Troy Dunn advised her to meet her birth mother. She rejected the first time, but she met her later. 

Her birth mom apologized, but she told her that she gave her life and was grateful. 

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