Mark Kunis- Truth About Mila Kunis Father

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Mark Kunis- Truth About Mila Kunis Father

Mark Kunis is the father of American actress Mila Kunis. He is married to his wife, Elvira Kunis.

Mark is a mechanical engineer by profession. He has two children with his wife, a son named Micheal Kunis, and a daughter named Mila

He is a Ukrainian citizen by nationality.   

Mark Kunis with his wife Elvira Kunis
Mark Kunis with his wife Elvira Kunis. Source: Pinterest

Daughter's Married Life

Mila is currently married to Ashton Kutcher. The couple happily tied the knot in 2015

They met each other for the first time on the set of a That 70's Show

At that time, they had someone else in their life, but in 2012 they again met each other at an Award function, and then they started dating each other. 

Currently, they are parents of two children and are very happy together.

Mila Kunis with her husband Ashton Kutcher
Mila Kunis with her husband Ashton Kutcher Source: Instagram

Dating Life Of Mila

Before marrying Ashton, Mila dated a well-known actor. 

She was previously in a relationship with Macaulay Culkin back in 2002. 

They had a very long relationship, and their marriage news was also everywhere.

In 2011, they had already ended their relationship.


Mila is 38 years old

Net Worth 

Mila's net worth is $75 Million. Her source of income is acting

Mila Keeps Her Away From Social Media 

Mila Kunis gave an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show where she and Kelly talked about their children, not having social media, and many more. 

Mila was wearing a yellow dress for the interview, so Kelly complimented her. 

Mila opened up that she hated the yellow color, and the reason behind it was yellow color brought out her green. 

Mila has two children, a son and a daughter.

According to Mila, she is thankful for the COVID pandemic, and she is aware of what people went through at that time, but her children got very close during that time, so COVID became effective. 

She has great children and loves them a lot. She loves playing beat the parents with her children, and she never cheats on the game. 

It has become Mila’s one of the favorite games now, and she never lets her children win the game. 

In the interview, Kelly also agreed that parents should not cheat and let their children win that game, as she also doesn’t let her children win. 

Mila opened up that she doesn’t lie to her children, but as she is a working mom, she wants to get rest on the weekend, and whenever her children make plans, she just says no because she has to watch football. 

But the reality is Mila doesn’t watch football. Mila has never been on social media, and she thinks that she has done the best thing she kept herself away from it. 

She also teaches her children not to write anything on social media about anything because it might bring problems. 

People can make a lot of mistakes in their life, and Mila herself makes many mistakes but its okay to make mistakes and move on in life, but if she writes about her mistakes on the internet, then it’s for a lifetime. 

There is no way of moving from it, so she stays away from social media

Mark Kunis's children Micheal Kunis and Mila Kunis
Mark Kunis's children Micheal Kunis and Mila Kunis Source: Instagram

Honeymoon With In-Laws

In the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Mila opened up about her honeymoon. 

She said that she and her husband had their honeymoon in an RV park and also revealed that the RV was gifted by her to her husband on his birthday. 

She also told in an interview that her mother-in-law and father-in-law were also there while they went on their honeymoon. 

She was very shocked when her husband told her about honeymooning in RV, and she thought, why did she even gift him an RV

They were in their RV for 8 hours, and at midnight something went wrong with their RV

It was a horrible honeymoon trip, and she said their RV trip ended near the prison. 

Mila's Nudes Got Public

Back in 2011, there was news of Mila's nude photo getting leaked. 

Her phone was hacked, which made her nude photos go viral all over the internet. 

Mila's photo of her in a bath tube got viral, but only her head was seen. 

There were many other actresses and actors whose phones got hacked, and their private photos were leaked. 

The hacker also hacked her email account. 

After investigation, it was found that the person named Christopher Chaney was behind all those hacks. 

He hacked Mila and other celebrities' accounts, and as he was proven guilty, he was punished for computer hacking. 

War Taught Mila The Importance Of Culture

Mila talked about teaching her children about their culture on a talk show. 

She said that she was raised in Ukraine, but while she was there, it was under the USSR, so she spoke Russian and never thought that it was important for her to learn the Ukrainian language. 

She said that when the war started, she realized the importance of her culture and went to her kids and told them that they were half-American and half-Ukrainian.

She said one should always know about the origin known and value of their cultures. 

She feels that having multiple cultures is amazing, and she wants her kids to know where they came from. 

Mila Got Blind 

In 2011, the famous actress Mila lost the eyesight of her one eye. 

She opened up about her suffering from chronic iritis that made her temporarily blind. 

She also revealed that she had to undergo surgery on her eye to cure her blindness.

After the surgery, she got fine and got back her eyesight. 

During that time, she also opened up about her having heterochromia iridium. 

She has two different colored eyes and was told that it was because of her heterochromia iridium

People suffering from heterochromia have two different colors in their irises.

She has a brown left eye, whereas her right eye is green in color. 

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