Mark Ogden

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Mark Ogden

Mark Ogden is an award-winning football writer and journalist. He is well known for working in ESPN

Mark is a fan of Manchester United. He was born in England. He is a British citizen by his nationality.

Married Life Of Mark Ogden 

Mark doesn't open up much about personal life. Mark is a well-known journalist, and his work dragged the attention of many people towards him. 

As he has successfully managed to keep his love life and family matters away from the spotlight, it is unknown whether he is married or dating anyone. 

Mark Ogden is doing his journalism work
Mark Ogden is doing his journalism work Source: Twitter 

About Mark Ogden 

Mark is a well-known journalist who works for ESPN. He has gained a lot of attention from people through his journalism work. 

He is now the senior football writer of ESPN. He is also one of the top journalist. 

He was inspired by his father to work as a journalist. Besides that, his interest in football is also why he is a journalist. 

He has worked for many broadcasts and has given his best in his profession. 

He is now considered one of the most reputed journalists, and he has also been honored with an award for his work.


His age is under review. His height is also under review.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Mark is $1 Million. His source of income comes as being a journalist and writer. 

The average income of a Journalist is $42,208 per year. 

Mark Ogden Apologized To Harry Kane

Mark often criticizes players and talks about what they lack and do wrong. His job is to write and speak about such matters. 

But things went too far while commentating about Harry Kane

He and his team talked and criticized the English Captain and used inappropriate words against him. 

The video of them talking was somehow uploaded on the internet, and soon it took to rise. 

The audience went crazy and was against Mark and his team. 

After that, Mark apologized to the English Captain Harry Kane through social media. 

He also apologized to all the audiences and said that he did wrong. 

He should not have used inappropriate words or talked wrong about anyone.

Was Mark Lucky Enough To End Up In Journalism?

There are already many people in the field of sports journalist. But Mark is still standing on the top, and it is his luck that he credits. 

He had just finished his college and was not doing anything back in time. 

His father found a vacancy announcement for a sports journalist, and he told Mark to try it. 

Mark also thought that he would utilize some time and earn some money. But as he started the job, he couldn't just stop it. 

He is now an award-winning journalist whom people look up to.

Mark's Favorite Club Is Manchester United, But He Is Unsure

Mark has been doing football journalism for a long time, and he understands the game. 

When he was asked about his favorite team, he said it was Manchester United.

Although the team was his favorite, he didn't support the statement that they would win the title. 

According to what Mark has noticed, Manchester is lacking the quality of the squad. 

He says that the team has brilliant players, but squad management is not right.

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