Who Is Marko Grujic's Wife? How Much Is His Net Worth?

by Pragya Sat Sep 03 2022 Updated On Thu Nov 17 2022
Who Is Marko Grujic's Wife? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Marko Grujic is a Serbian professional footballer. He currently plays for the team Porto in the position of midfielder.

His parents raised him in Belgrade, Serbia. He was born in 1996 and had his birthday on 13 April. 

He is a Serbian citizen by his nationality. 

Family of Marko Grujic.
Family of Marko Grujic. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Marko 

Marko is not married yet, but he does have a girlfriend. 

He is dating Mia Zeremski, and also they have a child together. Their relationship is very private.

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Marko Grujic with his partner, Mia Zeremski.
Marko Grujic with his partner, Mia Zeremski. Source: Instagram


Marko is 26 years old. His height is 6 feet 3 inches.

Net worth 

The net worth of Marko is estimated to be between $1 to $5 Million. 

Marko Grujic during a match.
Marko Grujic during a match. Source: Instagram

Marko Had Injury While On Loan

Marko went to Hertha Berlin club as a loan player to play in Bundesliga in Germany in 2018. He was one of the capable players, according to Berlin’s coach

But in a match against Borussia Monchengladbach, he went off because of his ankle ligament rupture

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Just 72 minutes into the match, he suffered a painful injury. 

Saying that, not only was he in pain, but his absence was also a problem for the team. 

From what Hertha’s coach had stated, Marko was a player who had contributed much in a short time, and his absence was a bitter experience for the team.

The Game Against Chelsea Was Unfair

Marko played for Porto against Chelsea FC in the Champions League in 2021

As it was the biggest championship between clubs, Porto played their best. Still, they lost the match. Marko then expressed that the result was unfair. 

In the first half, his team attempted eight brilliant shots but couldn’t score, but Chelsea scored in their first shot. 

Although the stats were in Porto’s favour, they lost it. 

But Marko believed in himself and his team that they would give their best in the second leg match and win against Chelsea

He said that nothing was impossible.

Marko Is A Brilliant Player 

Liverpool’s coach Jurgen Klopp spoke about Marko in one of his interviews. Back then, Marko was signed to Liverpool by a Serbian club

Jurgen stated that, like many players from the Serbian club, Marko was also one of the tactically strong players who was tall yet faster. 

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He revealed that Marko was brilliant with his plays. 

He knew how to make passes, how to carry on the strategies and tactics, and most importantly, he knew how to create chances. 

He was one of the players whose photo was shown to Jurgen as the full-skill player when he joined the club. 

Marko Prefers To Play Central Midfield

Marko gave an interview just after joining the Liverpool FC club. He revealed in an interview that he is an all-rounder midfield. 

He said he was good at passing the ball, creating spaces, assisting, and scoring. 

Moreover, he also said that he knew how to play box-to-box plays. 

He said he was not so good with defence and had a place for improvement. But he is good as an all-rounder. 

When asked about his preferred position, he said that he wants to play as a central midfielder as he gets the ball for maximum time and can move the ball freely.

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