Who Is Marla Heyman? Ex-Wife Of Paul Heyman

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Who Is Marla Heyman? Ex-Wife Of Paul Heyman

Marla Heyman is the ex-wife of American wrestling manager, former promoter, photographer, and executive Paul Heyman.

She was born in 1991 and is currently 31 years old. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Marriage And Children

Marla was previously married to her ex-husband Paul. They married in the 2000s and shared two kids named Azalea and Jacob

They were married for a long time but later got divorced. The exact date of Marla and Paul’s marriage and separation is unknown. 

Marla Heyman and her ex-husband, Paul Heyman.
Marla Heyman and her ex-husband, Paul Heyman. Source: Pinterest

About Marla’s Ex Paul

Paul is a professional wrestling manager, former promoter, photographer, and executive

He is currently signed as the new executive director of WWE. He was born to his parents, Richard S. Heyman and Sulamita Heyman. 

He has his birthday on September 11. He started his wrestling business in 1986. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Is Paul Dating Anyone? 

Paul is currently not dating anyone. However, there has been a rumor that he is dating Kayla Braxton.

The rumor of them dating started after Roman Reigns mocked Kayla, calling him Paul's girlfriend. 

Marla Heyman's ex-husband, Paul Heyman.
Marla Heyman's ex-husband, Paul Heyman. Source: Facebook

Age And Nationality

Paul is 58 years old. He has a net worth of $10 Million. His source of income is wrestling managing

Working With Roman Is a Huge Thing For Paul

Paul is currently signed to WWE and has also signed as the wise man for WWE champion Roman Reigns

Paul claimed that working with and for Roman has been an excellent experience. 

He doesn’t know if he was signed up for Universal and the WWE championship because what he has been doing with Roman Reigns is the biggest thing he has ever done. 

He regarded Roman as the one superstar not only in WWE but in the whole sports industry, so working for him is a huge thing and the biggest of his career. 

He claimed himself as the best man for Roman Reigns and would be okay if someone who could serve WWE and Roman Reigns would take his place because he doesn’t prefer being second best at anything in his life. 

Paul Got Back In TV Because Of CM Punk

CM Punk is one of the well-known wrestlers. Paul met Punk when he was at the end of his WWE contract. 

WWE brought Punk because, at that time, he was all over the internet. 

They made Punk do dark and told them to finish by doing Flippy dippy thing, which he denied because he never does on the match. 

Nobody knew what to do with Punk as they brought him by reading on the internet, so they thought of kicking him out. 

At that time, Paul was writing and producing for OVW, and they sent Punk to OVW and told Paul to fire Punk.

But Paul believed that Punk would be a superstar, and he believed in himself and told them that he would develop punk talent, and that’s what he did. 

Punk started getting a lot of recognition in 2011, and when he said that he was Paul’s guy, people started getting curious and searching for him. 

But until then, Paul had become history, and after Punk announced that, Paul got into the TV world again.

Paul Believed In The People That Others Didn’t

In one of the interviews, Paul talked about WWE's and WCW's hiring process. 

He said that back in the day, WWE hired people 6 feet 3 inches and 300 pounds. 

If someone less than that height and weight applied for wrestling, then there was no way for them to get selected. 

Talking about WCW, they only took people who were athletes or had athletic backgrounds. 

Besides that, if ordinary people with no athletic background came there, they wouldn’t be hired. But Paul is different than them. 

He looked for potential and enthusiasm in the people. He didn’t care about their height or weight or if they were an athlete or not. 

The only thing he looked at was their passion for wrestling, and that’s how he introduced many well-known wrestlers like Taz, Tommy Dreamers, and Joey Styles.

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