Who Is Marlene Khazri? Wife Of Wahbi Khazri

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Who Is Marlene Khazri? Wife Of Wahbi Khazri

Marlene Khazri is the beautiful wife of a professional football player Wahbi Khazri. She was born on February 16.

She is famous for being the wife of Wahbi Khazri. 

Marlene Khazri with her son.
Marlene Khazri with her son. Source: Instagram

Relationship Between Marlene And Wahbi 

Marlene and Wahbi are married to each other. 

The couple disclosed information about their marital status officially through their Instagram post. 

They married each other on June 10, 2017. The couple shares their memorable events on Instagram, which can be proof of their prosperous life. 

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The couples stand for each other in their difficulties. Marlene can be seen as an audience supporting her husband in the FIFA World Cup 2018

Marlene Khazri and Wahbi Khazri.
Marlene Khazri and Wahbi Khazri. Source: Instagram

Her Children

Marlene and Wahbi are beloved parents of their two children. They have given birth to a daughter and children. 

Their son is the eldest one, born on 2014 December 18 and June 10. Their daughter was born on 2018 April 21. The couples have well raised their children. 

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The son is also fond of football recently. We have heard his son has already joined an academy to learn football. 

Wahbi might also be giving his time for his son to practice and teach him something new.

Family of Marlene Khazri.
Family of Marlene Khazri. Source: Instagram


The age of Marlene is inaccessible because of her privacy on personal information. Instead, her husband's age is 31 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth Marlene is currently unavailable because she hasn't disclosed her professional information. Instead, Wahbi's net worth is  $1.5 Million. 

Marlene Khazri's children.
Marlene Khazri's children. Source: Instagram

About Husband

Wahbi was born on February 8, 1991. He is a professional footballer by profession. 

He plays for the Ligue 1 club Montpellier and the national team of Tunisia

He is an attacking midfielder and forward player in the position.

The Credit Behind UNFP Trophy

Wahbi had won the UNFP Trophy. He gave all the credit to his family and supporters for being there with him. 

His maturity at an early age was another main reason for his success. He even thanked his coach, who kept an eye on every small thing. 

He was not alone in this achievement. He wouldn't have achieved this without his teammates. He gave a shoutout to his mates who were there with him. 

He has given his word of honor never to disappoint his audience in the upcoming days. 

Signing For Montpellier Current Club

Wahbi recently signed for Montpellier on June 27, 2022. 

He was feeling quite nervous while signing for the club because it would decide his upcoming days' career. 

Wahbi had to go through the medical test at first. 

While doing leg exercises, he was unable to perform them. He hardly managed to do it because, looking at him, it was so much pain. 

Finally, he signed the contract and some photoshoots and became an official club member. 

 Also, he was shown his pitch, where he would be trained.

Training With Wahbi 

Wahbi is very dedicated to his passion. He always wanted to be better than yesterday. 

He can be seen working hard on the pitch. His struggling fidelity determines that he is hungry for success. 

Hope he might deserve it according to how he has been suffering through his training.   

Is He Playing In FIFA World Cup 2022?

Wahbi played his first FIFA world cup in 2018. He had a good review on every match from Tunisia.

He scored against Belgium and Panama in the FIFA World Cup 2018. 

Looking after his previous performance, there is a high chance for Khazri to be selected for the FIFA World Cup 2022

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