Who Is Marlona Buchanan? Mother Of Tanner Buchanan

by Manisha Sun Nov 26 2023 Updated On Sun Dec 03 2023

Marlona Buchanan is the mother of Tanner Buchanan. She is married to Steve Buchanan, and they have two kids, Madison and Tanner. 

Is Tanner Dating Anyone?

Tanner is in a relationship with Lizze Broadway. They have been dating each other since they were teenagers. 

There were reports that they parted ways but got back together. His girlfriend is an actress

They have worked together in a series called Gen V, a spin-off of The Boys.

Tanner Buchanan with his girlfriend.
Tanner Buchanan with his girlfriend. Source: Instagram


Tanner is 24 years old.

Net Worth

Her son Tanner's net worth is estimated to be $1 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor.

Tanner Cannot Start His Day Without Having A Coffee.

Tanner said that the first thing he does every day after waking up in the morning is to ensure he gets his coffee. 

He said if he does not get his coffee, he will have headaches all day.

He said most of the time, he goes to Starbucks, and sometimes, he tries to make coffee at home. 

Tanner Made His First Big Purchase At The Age Of 12

Tanner loves huge motorcycles and cars. So, the first big purchase he ever made was a 1969 Chevelle. 

He bought that car at the age of 12. He said the vehicle did not run as it was a project car.

Tanner Shared His First Audition

Tanner's first audition was a commercial audition. He gave an audition for Acura

He had to ride a bike, so he rode a bicycle for ten hours. 

He said he was excited about his audition and had a great time doing it, as he had to ride a bike all day. 

He added it was too easy for him and had too much fun. 

He said he was dazzled by the free food they got during lunch.

Tanner Shared Bring Starstruck For The First Time

Tanner shared that he was in California, and someone got tickets to a 'Wizards of Waverly Place,' and he went to see that film. 

He was in the audience, and Selena Gomez enthralled him as she was present. He said he loved her. 

He admitted that Selena was his first celebrity crush. 

After the movie, he sat on the floor and took photos with her. 

He said he took pictures with everyone in the movie, but Selena was more special to him. 

He said he wore a white shirt, and he asked Selena and all her co-stars to sign in his shirt. 

He shared that he has kept that shirt in his parents' house. 

Tanner Talked About Being Recognized In Public For The First Time

Tanner said that he was doing a show named Designated Survivor, and they were shooting in Toronto. 

He said he was 15 or less than that when the show started. 

He didn’t have a car, so he used to go to set on public transportation. 

He said one day, he had to reach his shoot location, and for that, he had to take a bus, so he got off the subway and took a bus. 

When he got on the bus, the driver recognized him. He said the driver looked at him oddly and looked at him continuously. 

The driver told him that he was on TV and even told him the name of the show he was on.  

He said yes to him and added that he was heading to the set. It was his first time being recognized in public. 

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