Who Is Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge? Daughter Of Sienna Miller

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Who Is Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge? Daughter Of Sienna Miller

Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge is the daughter of American-British actress Sienna Miller

Her father's name is Tom Sturridge. She has her birthday on 7th July. She is a British citizen

About Marlowe's Mom Sienna

Sienna is an actress known for her appearance in the movie Factory Girl as Edie Sedgwick. 

Besides that movie, Sienna has played in many movies and TV shows. She was raised by her parents, Jo and Edwin Miller

She grew up with her four siblings in London

Married Life Of Sienna 

Sienna is currently in a relationship with Oil Green. They have been dating for a while now and seemed happy. 

She and her boyfriend have also been seen spending much quality time with each other. 

Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge's mom Sienna Miller.
Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge's mom Sienna Miller. Source: Instagram

Who Has Sienna Dated?

Sienna had previously dated many people. Her first public relationship was with actor Jude Law. They even got engaged in 2004.

She and Jude separated after her fiancé confirmed that he had been cheating on her with his children's nanny. 

They split in 2006, but in 2009 they again got together. 

Sienna had a good relationship with Jude's three children, but in 2011 they separated permanently.

Sienna then got into a relationship with Tom Sturridge, an actor. 

They dated in 2011, and a year after dating, they welcomed their daughter Marlow

Sadly, their relationship lasted only for four years as they broke up in 2015.

Parents of Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge.
Parents of Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge. Source: Pinterest

Marlowe Makes Her Mom Feel Old-Fashioned

Marlowe’s mom, Sienna, gave an interview on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night talk show where she talked about her daughter Marlowe, a concert, and her daughter making her feel old-fashioned. 

Sienna and Jimmy talked about Marlowe at the very beginning. Last time, Sienna took Marlowe with her on Jimmy’s talk show. 

Her daughter had a lot of fun as she got to be with the room full of puppies. Marlowe felt so incredible and felt it was the best time. 

Because of her moment in Jimmy’s show, every time Sienna tells Marlowe that she is off to work, Marlowe thinks that she will just go to enjoy with the puppies. 

When Marlowe was a little girl, Sienna used to play her an album a week, but as Marlowe grew up, it became hard to make her listen. 

Sienna said that Marlowe has great taste in music, and she somehow credits herself for that. 

But as the day passes and Marlowe is growing, the role has been reversed. Now, Marlowe is the one who makes her mom listen to the songs. 

She is now educating Sienna about the current popular music. Marlowe is into Taylor Swift and  Olivia Rodrigo’s songs, and she makes Sienna listen to them. 

Marlowe also teaches Sienna about new words like shipping, which means crushing. 

Because of these things, Sienna has started feeling that she is old-fashioned and not cool. 

Sienna and her daughter both are big fans of Taylor Swift. Marlowe was only five years old when Sienna took her to the concert. 

Sienna has known Taylor for a long time, and because of that, they got the chance to go backstage and meet Taylor personally. 

Age And Net Worth 

Marlowe was born in the year 2012 and is currently 12 years old.  Her mother, Sienna, has a net worth of $18 Million

Marlowe Is The Reason For Her Parent’s Togetherness

Marlowe was just three when her parents broke up and started their separate life. 

It was in the year 2015 that her parents, Sienna and Tom, separated for their sound as they were going through lots of ups and downs. 

But they also knew that their daughter Marlowe would need both of them growing up. 

So, they didn’t end on bad terms. Because of Marlowe, they are co-parenting her and are still close friends. 

They even stay at each other’s house for the time being for their daughter and even travel around together. 

They are the best example of co-parenting, and all credit to Marlowe. She is the reason that everything is working out between them.

Sienna Regretted Doing G.I Joe

Sienna was featured in an action movie named G.I Joe, and according to what she said, it was the movie that she regrets doing. 

She expressed that she had to compromise the value that she lives in for the movie's sole purpose. 

She opened up that she was a peace-loving person and that violence and fights are something she stays away from. 

But in that movie, she had to do action and fight. Not only that, but she also had to do gunshot scenes. 

She used to blink every time the gunshot. So, she wore sunglasses in most of the scenes. 

Fortunately, her costumes were well made, making her look like a badass person. She also said that she was paid well for the movie. 

However, she revealed that she would never do such a movie in the current days as she is financially stable now.

Sienna Wants To Be Mother Million Times

Sienna was near her delivery date, and all she knew was that she would have a standard delivery. 

She wanted to have a regular water birth and wanted to avoid C-sections. However she had many complexities while giving birth.

Still, she revealed that it was the best feeling in the world. 

She expressed that despite all the pain and discomfort, she is ready to be a mother and give birth for million times more if she could. 

She said she felt proud of her body as she could produce life within herself, feed it, and give birth to an actual new person. 

She is also fond of becoming a parent and caring for her baby.

Sienna Secretly Filmed Paparazzi To Case File

Sienna was once stalked by paparazzi all the time after her break up with the actor Jude Law

She was not just followed in public areas but was followed in her private life as we are. 

She was captured in her house, streets, with her family, and wherever she traveled. The cameras were always all around her house. 

She couldn’t take her sister's children with her to travel as paparazzi would follow her in six cars. 

She was so insecure about herself and her family that she had to take action. She then started to film the paparazzi secretly for a time. 

And finally, she went to court with all her evidence and got rid of all the Media.

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