Who Is Marselles Brown? Father Of Jaylen Brown

by Manisha Sun Apr 23 2023 Updated On Sun Apr 30 2023
Who Is Marselles Brown? Father Of Jaylen Brown

Marselles Brown is the father of professional basketball player Jaylen Brown who plays for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association. 

Marselles is a professional heavyweight boxer. He is married to Mechalle Brown. 

They are parents to their two kids, Jaylen and Quenton Brown. Marselles is a 2016 WBU World Champion and 2015 WBU C.A.M. Heavyweight Champion

He is a member of the Hawaii State Boxing Commission Board

Marselles Brown's wife and their son, Jaylen Brown.
Marselles Brown's wife and their son, Jaylen Brown. Source: Instagram

Is Jaylen Dating Anyone?

Jaylen is in a relationship with Jacqueline Hawileh. His girlfriend is a fitness enthusiast

Marselles Brown's son, Jaylen Brown.
Marselles Brown's son, Jaylen Brown. Source: Instagram

Jaylen Suffered A Hand Injury Before The Playoffs

Jaylen had five stitches in his right hand recently. He knocked over a glass vase while watering his plants. 

He is expected to be ready for the playoff, but he is disheartened as he will miss the final two games of the regular season. 

The head coach of the Celtics is not worried as he said that his injury is not severe and he will be acceptable before the playoffs. 


Marselles is 55 years old. He is 7 feet tall.

Net Worth

Marselles's net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Children of Marselles Brown.
Children of Marselles Brown. Source: Instagram

Jaylene Loves Traveling And Exploring Himself

Jaylene shared that there are different places, religions, cultures, belief systems, and ways of life from where one can learn many things. 

He added that being able to travel to those places and experience all that will influence the mind and soul. 

He said that traveling to places teaches you to look at things differently and question yourself if you are seeing or following the right way. 

He said when you put discipline and faith into your hard work, it will help you reach places and achieve things. 

He added it helps him represent his mentality and energy, which is beneficial for basketball and his life. 

Jaylene Led A Peaceful Protest In Support Of George Floyd

In 2020 Jaylene joined a peaceful protest after George Floyd was killed.

He said he wants to use the platform to be the voice of the voiceless who deserve to be heard. 

He said that Bill Russell has always been his inspiration as he was a great basketball player and an activist who brought a lot of change in the community. 

He added being an athlete is not about money; instead, they have a responsibility to influence people and be a voice for the voiceless. 

He added many black athletes walked through the path of struggle to make the world a better place for the brown and black community.

Jaylene Wants To Be A Role Model For The Next Generation

Jaylene always emphasizes diversity, inclusivity, and equity. 

He said his main focus is on youth and wants to motivate them to make the world a better and fair place for everyone. 

He wants all the things and fields society lacks to address openly to bring change. 

He stands for commitment and belief in change and is very inspiring. 

Things Jaylene Can’t Live Without

Jaylene loves to read books. Jaylene can’t live without his tea as it helps him to relax in an intense game. 

He travels with his tea everywhere he goes. He likes to clean the area's aura, so he carries sage. 

Jaylene loves to wear jewelry. He has a lot of custom-made jewelry. He loves wearing hats. He has been obsessed with hats after the pandemic. 

He likes to play chess to keep his mind sharp. He loves listening to records. He has got a vast record collection.

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