Who Is Marty Jacobs? Father Of Josh Jacobs

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Who Is Marty Jacobs? Father Of Josh Jacobs

Marty Jacobs is the father of American football running back Josh Jacobs. He was born in 1972 and has his birthday on May 18

He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Marriage And Children

Marty was previously married to his ex-wife, Lachelle Jacobs. 

He shares four children named Josh, Shaleya, Isaiah, and Marty Jr

They got divorced when their son Josh was eight years old

Marty Jacobs's ex-wife.
Marty Jacobs's ex-wife. Source: Pinterest

Marty Had A Hard Time Raising His Kids

Marty and his wife separated when all four of their children were young. 

They went through a custody battle, and Marty gained custody of all the children. 

It was a happy thing for him, but raising four kids alone was a big responsibility.

Marty struggled a lot, and it was hard to provide for his needs. 

He worked many jobs to give his children a stable life. 

Also, he sacrificed all his dreams to support his children’s dreams. 

Seeing Marty work hard has also inspired his children to work hard, and now they live better lives just because of Marty.

Marty Got A House 

Marty and his children went through a lot of hardships in the past. 

He has done everything for his children, so his children have massive respect for him. 

His son Josh, a football player, gifted him a house in 2020. 

His son planned a whole surprise for Marty and gave him the house as a gift. 

Josh also shared Marty’s reaction to the surprise, which was priceless. 

Marty was so happy that he tore out. 

Marty said he was lured into the house and did not know what would happen. 

His son Josh wanted to give him a house for a long time, and giving the house to his dad was his way of thanking Marty for all his sacrifice. 

Marty’s Grandson Saved His Life 

On January 2023, Marty was rushed to hospital after he had a problem in his heart. 

He and his grandson were only at home, and his six-year-old grandson called 911, which helped him get to the hospital in time. 

His son was in Las Vegas, and he flew to Oklahoma as soon as he learned about Marty’s condition. 

Marty’s son Josh was worried about him, and he is so grateful and proud of his 6-year-old, who was smart enough to get help in the time. 

He said Marty and his son are best buddies and have always looked out for each other. 

Marty went to heart surgery, and after he woke up, he sent his son Josh back to Las Vegas to play his game. 

About Marty’s Son Josh 

Josh is a professional football player. As a running back, he plays for the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL

He was born in 1998 and has his birthday on February 11

His full name is Joshua Jacobs. He grew up with his three siblings. 

 Marty Jacobs's son, Josh Jacobs.
Marty Jacobs's son, Josh Jacobs. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Marty is currently 50 years old. His son has a net worth of $10 Million. His source of income is football.

Closeness With Grandmom

Josh gave an interview to BEASTwriter where he talked about being an Asian American football player

He said that he is half Asian and it is from his father’s side. 

His dad and grandma are from the Philippines, and that’s what makes him Asian American. 

He was raised in the USA, but he has always kept himself connected with his heritage. 

He also went to the Philippines during his off-season to meet his family there. 

He and his grandma have a very close relationship. 

He has a significant influence on his grandma, and because of that, he got a grandma tattoo on his hand. 

He enjoyed his grandma’s cooking and loved everything about her. 

When she first came to the USA, she fell in love with chicken, and even though she didn’t know how to speak English, Josh knew what she meant.

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