Who Is Martyn Eaden? Ex-Husband Of Chrissy Metz

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Who Is Martyn Eaden? Ex-Husband Of Chrissy Metz

Martyn Eaden is the ex-husband of Chrissy Metz, a famous American actress, and singer

She gained popularity by playing the role of Kate Pearson on the show name. This Is Us

Martyn And Chrissy Metz Marriage And Divorce

They met through a dating app. They were in a long-distance relationship while they were dating. 

The duo got married in 2008 in Santa Barbara. But soon, they ended up getting divorced. 

They got separated in January 2013. Martyn filed for a divorce in 2014

The reason for their separation was Martyn's unable to fit in Chrissy's loud and outgoing family. 

And also, Chrissy never responded about their separation in public. She was okay with whatever Martyn wanted. 

But later, she spoke out and said she was having an overeating condition while Martyn was hiking with his co-workers. 

And also, she said she didn't know how to spend time with Martyn, and they are just not the right fit, but she loves him and is constantly checking on him. 

She is working on being a better ex-wife than she was a wife. 

Their marriage didn’t end well, but they are better now, being an excess of each other and trying to have a healthy relationship. 

Martyn Eaden with her ex-wife, Chrissy Metz.
Martyn Eaden with her ex-wife, Chrissy Metz. Source: Pinterest

The Real Reason About Martyn And Chrissy's Breakup 

They never told the real reason for their separation. Chrissy's mom Denise Hodge also didn't know why they were separated.

She told in an interview that Martyn was a nice guy and he was Chrissy's, first love.  

Denise might not know why, but Chrissy has always been honest about it. 

She once said that when Martyn and Chrissy were arguing. And also, in her book, there was an intro saying she married and divorced a remarkable man because she doesn’t know how to love herself. 

And it was she who needed outside validation. She just needed to look at herself and realize all she needed was to fly. 

The reason for their separation looks pretty clear. Now Chrissy is happy and loving herself, whereas Martyn lives his own happy life. 

Transformation Of Chrissy

Chrissy is a plus-size woman who is proud of what she is now. But her life changed when she got the role in a show named This Is US.

She plays a plus-size woman in the hit NBC drama. She has earned a fair share of recognition from it. 

She has also won an Award for it. In addition, she has earned nominations for Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards

She was born in Florida but spent her childhood in Japan with her father. 

She struggled with obesity from an early age. She was born chubby. She has been plus-size all her life. 

There was a time when she used to play sports and may have lost a little weight, but she was always a chubbier kid. 

She was conscious of her food. Her friend would eat anything, but she always had in her mind that if she ate those things, she would gain weight.  

Even though she knew her mother loved her, she preferred her slimmer sister to go clothing shopping. 

That was heartbreaking for a child. But, besides those things, she has always been proud of herself and proudly flexes her body positivity.

Martyn Eaden's ex-wife Chrissy Metz.
Martyn Eaden's ex-wife Chrissy Metz. Source: Instagram

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