Martyna Swiderska – Meet Wife Of Karol Swiderski

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Martyna Swiderska – Meet Wife Of Karol Swiderski

Martyna Swiderska is the wife of Karol Swiderski

Karol is a football player who plays as a striker for the Poland national team and for Charlotte FC, a Major League Soccer club. 

Karol's full name is Karol Grzegorz Swiderski. Originally, he belonged to Rawicz, Poland. By nationality, he is a Polish.

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Married life

Looking at Martyna's Instagram page, it seems like she started dating Karol in 2016 as she first introduced Karol as her boyfriend by posting a picture with him on her Instagram on December 29, 2016. 

Martyna Swiderska and Karol Swiderski in 2017
Martyna Swiderska and Karol Swiderski in 2017. Source: Instagram 

On January 23, 2018, she wished him on his birthday through an Instagram post. 

After years of dating, they got engaged in May 2018. Martyna announced their engagement through an Instagram post on May 29, 2018, with a caption, 

The most beautiful place and event!

Martyna Swiderska and Karol Swiderski got engaged in May 2018
Martyna Swiderska and Karol Swiderski got engaged in May 2018. Source: Instagram 

They welcomed their first child, a son, on December 23, 2019, and named him Antos Swiderski

Martyna Swiderska with her husband Karol Swiderski and newly born son
Martyna Swiderska with her husband Karol Swiderski and newly born son. Source: Instagram 

They then exchanged the wedding vows on May 28, 2022. 

Martyna Swiderska and Karol Swiderski on their wedding day
Martyna Swiderska and Karol Swiderski on their wedding day. Source: Instagram 
Martyna Swiderska with her husband Karol Swiderski and son
Martyna Swiderska with her husband Karol Swiderski and son. Source: Instagram 


Born in January 1997, her husband Karol is 27 years old.

Net worth

Her income is not revealed so the estimated net worth of her husband is £6,227,000. 

Net worth£6,227,000
Income sourceProfessional footballer

Is her husband a well-rounded striker?

Martyna’s husband, Karol Swiderski, makes the whole team better. 

Karol has proved as a goal scorer, but other than that, he is also great in other areas, which gave him the title of well-rounded striker. 

Observing his traits, it is said that he is a connector. He is also focused on making the players around his teams better. 

We must appraise how he connects with everyone so well and link up during the play. 

Even in one of the talks, Thomas Schaling praised his technical abilities and how he handled the ball under pressure so efficiently. 

Her husband went through the frustration phase?

Well, Karol has always admitted he wants to win. 

The audience around has seen Karol score a total of four goals in two games, whereas later, none in the other two months. 

Later, he added with a smile, saying he goes crazy. He admitted to not scoring for more than two months. 

But the feeling after he scored in their stadium, in front of his fans, made him feel great expressing his happiness. 

For the interview on this game, he gave a total of 7 minutes and 47 seconds of talk. 

However, it’s been said that he hadn’t given an interview with any local reporters. The reason for this was the language barrier. 

No doubt, he speaks English decently, but to deep talk regarding football strategies, a decent language would not be sufficient. 

Karol mentioned how he developed a strategy similar to how serious journalists could come up with. 

Karol shared how, during the time of playdate with his kid, who is currently four years of age, he found through a new mom friend, Kasia Bishop, came in a rescue. 

By knowing her, he came to know that she speaks Polish fluently and is the youngest one among five in the Polish family, despite being the firstborn in the United States, but to date, she speaks with her family in the Polish language, Karol added. 

On asking for help with the interview, she agreed, and after a few phone calls with PR staff, they got the approval and also the date, he added. 

Was life different for Karol and his family in Charlotte?

In one of his interviews, he shared a part of his life and how it feels to be in Charlotte

He, with his wife and son, lived a two-minute walk from the Bank of America Stadium uptown. 

Karol remembered how, at the start of the season, he was barely recognized in that town, and his instant feeling on that came with the thought that nobody there watched football, and by that, he was surprised. 

So after playing more, he thinks that the audience down there started knowing him now. 

Moreover, he shared how he orders his Starbucks coffee Frappuccino with oat milk via Uber Eats but also visits Target on a regular basis and likes buying groceries from Whole Foods. 

He also shared how his better half utilized a kitchen gadget that they learned in Europe called Thermomix. 

In his personal life discussion, he said he and his wife love going to O-Ku to have sushi for their date night. 

And when they are at home, they binge-watch the series The Good Doctor

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