Who Is Mary Colman? Late Mother Of Rodrigo Bentancur

by Pragya Sun Oct 23 2022 Updated On Fri Oct 28 2022

Mary Colman is the late mother of Uruguayan professional footballer Rodrigo Bentancur. 

She was married to Roberto Bentancur when she was alive. She had two sons including Rodrigo

She died when her son Rodrigo was only four years old. She was an Uruguayan citizen by her nationality.

Who is Rodrigo dating?

Rodrigo is currently dating his girlfriend named, Melany La Blanca. 

They started dating each other in 2015, and since then, they have been together. 

They might have welcomed their child by now, as 28 weeks ago, Rodrigo shared a picture of his with her partner's baby bump.

Mary Colman son Rodrigo Bentancur with his girlfriend
Mary Colman son Rodrigo Bentancur with his girlfriend. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Rodrigo is 25 years old. The net worth of Rodrigo is $30 Million. His source of income is football players.

Rodrigo wants a win for the team

Rodrigo joined Tottenham Hotspur FC in 2022, and just after his official sign-in, he scored a goal for his country Uruguay

It was his first-ever goal for the country, and he was looking forward to scoring more for his new club. 

In an interview, he said he would love to score and assist his team and build his personal stats. 

But it doesn’t mean he feels that he needs to score in every match. He expressed that his first priority is a win for his team. 

He wants to do his best to get the team a win, even if he doesn’t score or assist in the match. 

But if he scores or assists, it’s the cherry on the cake for him. He said he was looking forward to a great match with the team.

Rodrigo wants to have Dybala’s left foot

Rodrigo and Dybala gave an interview together where they were asked a bunch of questions, among which was about the thing that they would steal or want from each other. 

Dybala said that Rodrigo was one of the most patient guys in the club, and he was always calm in any situation. 

He doesn’t get angry, and moreover, he is okay with getting nutmeg. 

Dybala really loved how calm he was, and he wanted that character for himself. 

On the other hand, Rodrigo expressed that Dybala was a great goal scorer. 

When it comes to his left foot, Dybala can’t be stopped. So, Rodrigo said he wanted to get Dybala’s left foot.

Is Rodrigo improving?

Rodrigo gave a post-match interview after his win against Sampdoria while playing for Juventus, which was a 2-0 victory. 

He revealed that his team had a lot of chances to score, and they could have made the match much better than it was. 

But in the end, his team won the match, got 3 points, and that’s what matters. 

When asked about his improvement, he didn’t reveal if he was satisfied with his level or not. 

But he did say that he and other midfielders aside from him are in the fitness state that their boss wanted them to be. 

He had no complaints about himself or his teammates, as they were going on great as a team. 

He also said that his teammate Arthur was doing really amazing in the team and said that Arthur was as brilliant as Iniesta.

Rodrigo is not bought for creative attack

Tottenham Hotspur FC has many creative midfielders who make brilliant plays and passes for the team to score. 

Still, they bought Rodrigo, who is comparatively a little low at passing and making some creative plays. 

But still, the midfielder was bought by the club for almost £19 Million. But there was a reason for him to be on the team. 

He was someone that the coach would line up with every match because of his defensive skill. 

Although his key point is not passing, he holds the strength of tackling, which fewer Premier League players have. 

Also, his play matches the style of playing of the manager of the club.

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