Who Is Mary Lee Pfeiffer? Late Mother Of Tom Cruise

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Who Is Mary Lee Pfeiffer? Late Mother Of Tom Cruise

Mary Lee Pfeiffer is the late mother of actor and producer Tom Cruise. She died at the age of 80 in 2017

She was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She worked as a special education teacher

She was married to Thomas Cruise, who was an electrical engineer. They had four kids together. They separated in 1974. Her ex-husband died at the age of 49.

They got separated back in 1974. Tom later revealed that his father was a bully. Mary tied the knot to Jack South when Tom was 16

Mary Lee Pfeiffer and her son, Tom Cruise.
Mary Lee Pfeiffer and her son, Tom Cruise. Source: Pinterest

Is Tom Dating Anyone?

According to sources, Tom is dating Elsina Khayrova, a Russian Socialite. They met for the first time in December 2023 at a party. 

She is 36 years old. They were spotted attending a charity gala dinner.

Prior, there was a rumor that he was interested in dating Shakira.

They met at the F1 Grand Prix in Miami, and a source said that Tom was utterly mesmerized by her. 

There were a lot of rumors about Tom courting her at that event, but she denied it and said it was invalid. 


Tom is 61 years old. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall. He weighs around 68 kg.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $600 million. He has earned this fortune from his career as an actor and producer

Tom Holds His Movie Top Gun: Maverick For Two Years

The makers announced the Top Gun movie sequel in 2010. It was meant to be released in 2019 but got delayed due to the pandemic. 

During lockdown, many streaming platforms tried to buy the streaming rights from Paramount Pictures, but Tom declined all those offers and thought that the movie was meant for the big screen.

He held the movie for two years. He said that people have been asking for the sequel for 34 years, and it won’t be a burden for them to wait another two years. 

He even said that if he had to hold that movie for ten years, he would have done that, too. 

Tom Talked About Doing His Stunts By Himself

Tom released a scene video of him doing his stunts in the movie Mission Impossible on YouTube.

It was one of the biggest stunts in the film. He jumped off from the chopper. He jumped off the helicopter eight times to get the right shot. 

He said he tried everything he could to entertain his audience. 

He shared that when he was a kid, he used to steal lumber from junkyards and ride down the hill as fast as he could. 

He said that he used to smash himself into garbage cans and used to end up in hospital for two days. Tom said that he doesn’t have a stunt double. 

Tom Said Why Mission Impossible Film Series Is So Important To Him

Tom began his journey as a producer from Mission: Impossible in 1996

He said he loved the franchise and wanted to take his audience on a great adventure. 

He said he liked challenging his physical and mental strength in the movie and also loved producing it. 

He said it was an exciting experience for him as an actor and producer. 

Tom Broke His Ankle While Doing An Easy Stunt

Tom broke his leg while shooting for Mission: Impossible-fallout

In an interview, Tom said it was not difficult as he had to jump from one roof to another. 

Two safety wires were attached to his body vest, and he tried to sprint as hard as he could on the side of the wall, and then he had to climb the wall. 

Even though he broke his ankle, he climbed the wall and ran. He said that he knew that he had broken his ankle, but he had to complete the shot. 

After that, he said he broke his ankle and was taken to hospital. 

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