Who Is Mary Louisa Whitford? Daughter Of Bradley Whitford

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Who Is Mary Louisa Whitford? Daughter Of Bradley Whitford

Mary Louisa Whitford is the daughter of actor and producer Bradley Whitford. She has two siblings, George Edward Whitford, and Frances Genevieve Whitford

She was born in 2002. She is the youngest of all. Her mother is Jane Kaczmarek, an actress. 

Her parents got married in 1992 but they put an end to their marriage in 2009. 

Mary Louisa Whitford with her father and siblings.
Mary Louisa Whitford with her father and siblings. Source: Instagram

Is Bradley Married?

After separating from his ex-wife he was linked to many women but he found his love in 2014

He met Amy Landecker in 2014 for the first time and they became a couple in 2015

They made their red carpet debut the following year. They knew each other for a year before officially seeing each other as both of them wanted to take a slow ride in their relationship. 

In 2018 Amy was spotted wearing an engagement ring on her finger. 

In 2019 they got married in front of their family and kids. Amy has three kids from her ex-husband. 

Bradly and Amy do not have kids together. 

Parents of Mary Louis Whitford.
Parents of Mary Louis Whitford. Source: Pinterest


Mary was born on 25 November 2002 and her current age is 20 years old.

Net Worth

Mary's net worth is estimated to be $10 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor and producer.

Mary Louisa Whitford with her father, Bradley Whitford.
Mary Louisa Whitford with her father, Bradley Whitford. Source: Instagram

Bradley Misses The Show 'The West Wing'

Bradly was part of one of the celebrated television shows 'The West Wing' which ran for like seven years. 

In an interview, Bradley shared that he missed the creative experience he had on that show. 

He added he also misses the cast and crew of the show. Most importantly he said he missed doing something that is related to public service thing. 

Bradley Talked About The Emergency In America

Bradly said that in America more than three times the number of people who dies in the 9/11 attack die every year because of gun violence. 

He is also a political man and criticized the government for not taking strict against gun violence. 

He is very serious about his opinions and mostly shares his views and criticized the system by tweeting on Twitter. 

Bradley Talked About Aging

Bradley said that men are celebrated for aging whereas it is not the same for women. 

He said that as he got older he has become more conscious about his health. 

He is constantly taking advice from his doctors. He said he has started going to the gym and also did some weight lifting.

He said he also does squats. He said he is happy to be old and is enjoying the aging process. 

 Mary Louisa Whitford with her mother and sister.

Mary Louisa Whitford with her mother and sister. Source: Instagram

He said he has never been happier than he was currently. He added as people get older they understand things and are able to think more clearly. 

He said he doesn’t have to be stubborn to prove things as he used to do during his youth days. He said that he is happy to happy a family. 

Bradley Is Flexible Even At This Age

In an interview, Bradley's wife revealed that her husband is the most flexible man that she has ever seen in her life. 

She said that even at this age he can show how flexible his body is. He was a bit reluctant to do things on TV. 

He said that he could tie his legs behind his bag. He said that he was not sure if he could do that in his tight pants. 

Everyone insisted to show his flexibility. So he did a full leg split not only once but twice. 

Everyone in the show including the host was in shock to see him do that.

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