Who Is Marylin Timber? Mother Of Jurrien Timber

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Who Is Marylin Timber? Mother Of Jurrien Timber

Marylin Timber is the mother of Dutch professional football player Jurrien Timber. 

She was born in Curacao and is Afro-Curacaoan by her ethnicity. She follows Christianity. 

Her parents raised Marylin with five siblings. She is a Dutch citizen.

Marriage And Children

Marylin was married to Mr. Coffie. She had been dating him for a long time before they got married. 

Her first husband was from her home town Curacao, and as Marylin was living in the Netherlands, she invited her boyfriend, and they happily got married. 

Marylin has two sons, Christopher Coffie and Shamier Timber Coffie, with her ex-husband. 

Their marriage lasted for nine years, and they ended marriage. 

Marylin Timber with her ex-husband and their children.
Marylin Timber with her ex-husband and their children. Source: Instagram

After that, she got into a relationship with Mr. Maduro. They met each other when Marylin was focused on her dancing career. 

They fell in love and got married. She has three sons with her second ex-husband; among them, two were twins. 

Dylan, Jurrien, and Quinten are the kids of her second husband. But he left her, saying he would be back in some time, but he never returned. 

Children of Marylin Timber.
Children of Marylin Timber. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Marylin are unknown. Her son Jurrien is 21 years old

Her son Jurrien's net worth is $41 Million

Marylin Raised All Her Children On Her Own

Marylin had a total of five children. Jurrien is one of five children. 

Marylin has been married twice, but her marriage didn’t work well, so at the end of the day, she had just herself and her kids to call her own.

Staying in the Netherlands, she faced many difficulties as she had to raise all five children alone. It was not a joke for her as she was alone. 

Her husband left her with nothing; everything she ever built was by herself. 

She was not just raising her children but also pretty supportive of them and their passion. 

Hence she has been the biggest supporter of her son Jurrien becoming a world-famous player.

Marylin Holds Still Despite The Tragedy

Marylin was always interested in dancing since her childhood. So she wanted to persuade dancing as her main course. 

It was her dream to be a great dancer. She even joined a dance group where she traveled around Europe and performed. 

She then found a scholarship in dancing education in the Netherlands and wanted to study dance. 

But everything changed as she ended up without the scholarship. She was all broken, and her dream was scattered. 

But she held still. She knew she had to build herself from dance. So she became a dance teacher instead. 

She taught Aerobics to interested people and decided to stay in the Netherlands.

Marilyn’s Son Took Her Surname

Usually, the children inherit their father's surname, but Marylin’s son Jurrien took his mother's surname and was okay with it. 

Marylin has been a wonderful mother as she always supported Jurrien in any path he chose. 

He was never restricted by his mother when it came to football. Instead, she pushed him to persuade his dreams. 

Also, Jurrien grew up without his father beside him. So, his mother was everything thing he had in his childhood. 

Marylin made sure that her children never felt the absence of their father. 

So, Jurrien inherited the surname of his mother instead of his father.

Jurrien Was Said To Not Move To Manchester United

Jurrien was rumored to move to Manchester United from Ajax in 2022. 

But the transfer remained a rumor as he extended the contract with Ajax

The media revealed that Jurrien was said not to join Manchester United by the ex-coach of the club Louis Van Gaal. 

But the truth was revealed by Jurrien himself in the media. 

He said that Ajax and Manchester United didn’t come into common consideration, so the deal broke. 

And about Louis, the player revealed that Louis told Jurrien that he might get play time at Manchester United if he joins the club. 

He shut the media off by the truth.

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