Who Is Marziano Bisognin? Father Of Marzia Kjellberg

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Who Is Marziano Bisognin? Father Of Marzia Kjellberg

Marziano Bisognin is the father of an Italian Internet personality, businesswoman, and fashion designer Marzia Kjellberg.

He is married to his wife, Franca Bisognin. He is a businessman. 

They are parents to a daughter and a son. He lives in Vincenzo, Italy, and is an Italian citizen by nationality. 

Marziano Bisognin with his wife and daughter.
Marziano Bisognin with his wife and daughter. Source: Instagram

About Marzano's Daughter Marzia

Marzia is a well-known internet personality, businesswoman, and fashion designer. 

She is known for being the wife of YouTuber PewDiePie, and she is also an inactive YouTuber. 

She was born in 1992 and has her birthday on October 21. She has a brother named Davide. 

Married Life Of Marzia 

Marzia is happily married to her husband, Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie.

They got married in 2019 and are currently living in Japan. As of 2023, Marzia is pregnant with their first child. 

She shared her pregnancy news through her social media. 

Marzia Kjellberg with her husband.
Marzia Kjellberg with her husband. Source: Instagram

How did Marzia meet PewDiePie?

Marzia met PewDiePie through her friend. Marzia's friend Daiza was the one who mentioned PewDiePie and suggested watching his YouTube video. 

She found PewDiePie's content very funny and started talking to him through the mail. 

In 2011, they finally started dating, and shortly after, they started living together. 

After dating each other for six years, Marzia's love of life finally proposed to her in 2018, and a year later, they tied the knot.

Age And Net Worth 

Marziano is 63 years old. His daughter's net worth is $2 Million. Her source of income is fashion designing and business.

Marzia Thought Of Getting Married In Japan

Marizia loves to spend time in Japan, and it is one of her favorite countries to visit. 

The most exciting thing is that Marzia was proposed by her husband Felix in Japan when they set out to visit the country.

Due to their love for Japan, their fans asked them if they were getting married in Japan or not. 

Marzia said that she would have loved to organize their wedding in Japan and said that she did think about it. 

But as it was tough and complicated to organize the wedding in Japan, they dropped the idea. 

They said that it would be a surprise for the fans about their wedding destination. 

People thought that they were going to marry in Argentina. But they finally got married in London instead.

Marzia Left Her Country For Her Husband PewDiePie 

Marzia married the most prominent YouTuber of all time, Felix, aka PewDiePie, and they are now happily living in England.

But there is a big reason behind them living in England, although it is not the birth country for both Marzia and Felix.

Marzia was born and raised in Italy, whereas Felix was born and raised in Sweden. 

But they ended up living in England instead. They explained that Marzia doesn’t know the Swedish language, and Felix didn't learn Italian.

So if they lived in Sweden or Italy, they needed to depend on one another to talk and understand. 

So, the UK was the common ground for both Marzia and Felix. That was why they chose to live in the UK instead of Sweden or Italy

Marzia Was Always Into Fashion

Marzia is a fashion designer who loves to put out different styles of dresses. 

She revealed in one of her statements that she was always attracted to fashion. 

Since her childhood, she has always surrounded herself with clothes and fashion. 

She used to open her mother’s closet and try out different outfits, clothes, and shoes. 

It used to be overly sized clothes for her, but she still loved to put them in. 

Also, while growing up, she looked up to Alexa Chung. She loved her confidence, style, fashion, and boldness. She inspired her.

Marzia Was Not Confident In Her Body

Marzia is now an internet sensation, and she is known to be one of the confident lady with social exposure. 

But things were not always the same for Marzia. In one of her blogs, she expressed that she was an under confident person initially. 

She didn’t have an ideal body with all the curves. When she was in school, boys used to tease and bully her. 

Not just boys but all the girls, teachers, and other seniors used to bully her. 

She was hence insecure about her body. But eventually, she started to write and make videos. 

She learned to accept herself and be confident in how she is built. 

She found herself beautiful in her eyes and other people’s eyes. Hence, she is now one of the most confident lady online.

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