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Mathew Seaborn is the father of Cherry Seaborn, a consultant and a former hockey player by profession. 

He's married to Ann Lancaster. Mathew himself was a cricket and football player by his profession.  

He has two children, a daughter and a son with Ann.  He is an English citizen of his nationality. 

Relationship Status Of Cherry Seaborn 

Cherry is married to Ed Sheeran, a famous singer, and songwriter. They have known each other since their teenage years as both of them studied in the same school.

They were only friends at that time. Ed secretly had some feelings for Cherry. They didn't date each other at that time, but in 2015 they met again in Taylor Swift's function.

Coincidentally Cherry was working in New York, and Ed had his show over there, and they got a chance to meet and fell in love with each other. 

They officially opened up about their relationship after Ed proposed to her in 2018. After that proposal, the couple got married back in January 2019

They both have a daughter together named Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheera

After marrying Ed, Cherry dragged the attention of people as the wife of the famous singer. 

Cherry with her husband, Ed
Cherry with her husband, Ed   Source: Twitter 

About Cherry Seaborn

Cherry is a consultant and was a former hockey player born on 6 May 1992. She was born to Ann Lancaster and Matthew Seaborn.

Her parents raised her with her brother named Charlie Seaborn in EnglandCherry has a graduation and master's degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology.  

Before being a consultant, she used to be a hockey player and played for England

As of now, she is in a higher post as a consultant.  After getting married to the famous singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran, she came under the spotlight. 

Her marriage with Ed Sheeran dragged public attention towards her.


His age is unknown, but his daughter Cherry is 29 years old

Net Worth

The net worth of Cherry is $3 Million. Her source of income is a professional Consultant and Risk Advisor. 

The yearly average income of a consultant is about $88,990 per year. 

Cherry's Husband Wrote A Song "Perfect" For Her

Cherry's husband, Ed, is a famous and talented singer. Most people love his songs. 

He also compose his songs. One of his songs, "Perfect," which he wrote and sang himself, was dedicated to his wife. 

When Cherry and her husband went to their friend's house, they had a lot of fun over there and had a memorable time together.

That time they both were in a good mood, cheering their presence, and were in a romantic mood.  

They were so into that moment that they even went to the pool and had great fun. 

The next day, Cherry's husband remembered all their moments together and wrote that song "Perfect" for Cherry

Cherry's husband embracing her
Cherry's husband embracing her  Source: Twitter

Cherry Injured Herself In A Match 

Cherry indeed is a great hockey player and plays an important role in her hockey team. 

In 2019 as well she was playing her part in her team against Isca Hockey Club

It was one of the important match as her husband Ed Sheeran was also watching it outside the pitch. 

Unfortunately, she fell to the ground, and her knee was injured. She was substituted and was left with bandages

On the other hand, her team won the match despite her injury, and she was happy about that.

Cherry's Husband Was A Drug Addict

Cherry got fame after marrying Ed Sheeran. Her husband Ed is a very talented person, and he is very much dedicated to his work. 

He was too workaholic and never had free time for himself. He was busy with his shows and was earning good money and frame with it, so he never felt like taking a break from work. 

He used to party late with his friends, and because of that, he got under the bad influence of his friend. 

He started taking drugs to drink alcohol and became an addict. But Cherry helped him to come of those bad addictions. 

Cherry started living with Ed and consulted him to give himself time and told himself to come out of addiction. 

Because of her, Ed changed his bad habits.

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