Matjaz Kek Wife Gordana Kek Children

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Matjaz Kek Wife Gordana Kek Children

Matjaz Kek is a professional football manager and former football player. He is currently the manager of the Slovenian National team

Before his coaching career he played for the national team and club in the position of defender. 

He was born in the year 1961 and celebrates his birthday on September 9. He is a Slovenian citizen by nationality. 

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Married life of Matjaz

Matjaz is married to his wife, Gordana Kek. They have been married for a long time and share a son together whose name is also Matjaz Kek

His son was born on January 4, 1991. Matjaz Junior chose to follow in his footsteps and is a former footballer.

According to some sources, Matjaz Junior has already embarked on his coaching journey. 

Anton Zlogar, who is the coach of NS Mura, emphasized he wants to see Matjaz Junior as his assistant. 

Age and Net Worth 

Matjaz is 62 years old. His net worth is under review. 

According to one of the sources, Matjaz earns €154,000 per month from his coaching career. 

Matjaz is very strict?

Matjaz has been in the managerial career for a long time now. He has his own way of training and managing the team and puts lots of effort into what he does. 

One of the players named Zlatko Dedic had talked about his training method and indicated him as a pain in the neck. 

Zlatko has experience of getting trained under him, so he said that Matjaz is very strict when it comes to discipline in football. 

Also, Matjaz has a very straight character, so if he dislikes anything, he would speak it right into the face no matter what and how others will take it. 

Matjaz is strict, but despite his strict and straight character, Zlatko said that Matjaz can be trusted with anything and is very determined to make the team better. 

Matjaz has no intention of leaving the national team 

Matjaz has been the manager of the Slovenia national team since 2018. In 2018, he was appointed for the second time to be the manager of the national team. 

It’s been six years now, and he has led the team into the 2020 and 2024 Euro Cup

Unfortunately, his contract as manager is about to end, but it seems like Matjaz doesn’t have any intention to leave. 

He loves what he is doing so he is all in for renewing the contract again and has even talked about this matter to the football association. 

He has given his whole life to football, and without it, there won’t be any purpose in life, so he wants to continue it again. 

The association hasn’t given the decision yet, but if he gets a chance to renew, he is fully up for it.

Matjaz isn’t with his team?

Slovenia will play one of the biggest matches of the year, Euro 2024, in March

They will be playing against Malta, but sadly, their manager, Matjaz Kek, won’t be present with them to guide them during the match. 

Matjaz didn’t travel with his national team as he lost his father. 

His father, Franc Kek, was also a football player, and his passing away was heartbreaking for Matjaz

He had to be with his family, so he didn’t go with the team to the match. 

Instead of Matjaz, the assistant coach of the Slovenia national team, Bostjan Ceser, will be one to lead the team for the match. 

The coaching journey isn’t easy 

Matjaz gave his whole life to football. He started playing when he was young, and after getting retired, he started Coaching. 

He spent much of his life coaching, and the coaching job has made him happy. 

As a coach, he has been through lots of difficulties, and despite all the hard things and struggles, he is glad for what he has achieved. 

Matjaz opened up that there had been times when he couldn’t sleep because of the worries about the game and players. 

He had faced hatred when the team couldn’t succeed, but despite everything, he will always choose to be the coach. 

He learned that every good and even bad thing that comes with being a coach is part of his job and has already made peace with it. 

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