Matt Rosenberg

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Matt Rosenberg

Matt Rosenberg is the fiancé of American actress, singer, songwriter, television host, writer and fashion designer Haylie Duff

He has two daughters named Ryan Ava Erhard and Lulu Gray

He is an entrepreneur. He is the owner of Subway Tile Shirts. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Matt Rosenberg partner Haylie Duff and children
Matt Rosenberg partner Haylie Duff and children   Source: Instagram 

Dating life of Haylie Duff 

Haylie is currently in a relationship with Matt Rosenberg, an entrepreneur. 

They started dating back in 2012. Currently, they are happily engaged with each other. 

Two years after their dating, the couple welcomed their first child in 2015.

They have two daughters. They are not married yet but are very happy together.

How Did Haylie Met Her Current Partner?

Haylie met the love of her life in 2012. After knowing each other for some time, the couple started their love affair. 

They planned to get married soon after dating but had to delay it as Haylie got pregnant with their first child. 

Her fiancé romantically proposed to her, and they got engaged. Haylie announced about her engagement in April, 2014.

Matt Rosenberg with his family
Matt Rosenberg with his family  Source: Instagram 

About Haylie Duff 

Haylie is an American actress, singer, songwriter, television host, writer and fashion designer born on February 19, 1985

She was born to her parents, Susan Colleen Duff and Robert Erhard

She is the oldest among two sisters. Her sister Hilary Duff is also a well known actress. 

Haylie initially started as a ballet dancer at an early age. Being the daughter of a film producer, she had something for acting. 

She started in a smaller role at the beginning. Slowly afterward, she started to shine in the field of acting. 

She hence is well known for her movies like 7th heaven, Lizzie McGuire, and Love Takes Wings

Not only acting, but she has also successfully built her career in TV hosting and singing.

Matt Rosenberg with his fiancé Haylie Duff
Matt Rosenberg with his fiancé Haylie Duff  Source: Instagram 


Matt's partner Haylie is 36 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Haylie is $4 Million

She earns as being a singer, actress, songwriter, television host, writer and fashion designer. 

Matt's Fiancé Helps Children With Cancer

Matt's fiancé Haylie has been a positive person and greatly influenced her fans. 

From her hard work to her humbleness, she is a well-behaving lady. In addition to that, she is also a person to support a good cause. 

She proved it by participating in Dip and Donate campaign organized by ALSM in 2020

ALSM is a non-profit organization researching a cure for childhood cancer. Since it has been lacking funds, Haylie decided to help them. 

She shared the campaign with her fans, friends, and family and raised donations. 

She is the mother of two; hence, she knows how it feels to see child in trouble. This is also why she went all into the campaign.

Haylie's Sister Hilary Duff Had An Eating Disorder

Haylie's sister Hilary is also an actress and TV personality. She is well known for her work and looks. 

Her body structure and beauty are mostly praised now, but they were not always the same. 

She was a bit on healthy side as a child. In her young days, she used to eat a lot. She had an eating disorder. She weighed up to 98 pounds

It was not normal for her at all, as everyone judged her. When she looked at her picture, she found herself ugly. 

Hence she controlled her eating and only ate healthy and boiled food. She successfully lost her weight.

Haylie Duff's Mother And Sister Didn't Gave Her Parenting Advice

Haylie had a baby for the first time in 2015. She was unknown of what she must do and should not do. 

Her mother and sister were already a mother and had the experience of raising a child. 

But they didn't give any parenting advice to Haylie

It was because they raised their child in their way and with their freedom. They didn't take any advice from anyone, and they wanted Haylie to do the same.

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